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It won't be wrong to say that today, the four basics of life are food, shelter, clothes, and gaming apps. The craze for mobile games is immeasurable. You can find children glued to their screens playing PUBG, Minecraft, Free Fire, Clash of Clans or the ever-ending Candy Crush. These games are undoubtedly addictive.

More than a third of gamers in the USA are in the 25-34 age group. This shows that mobile games are preferred not just by youngsters but by adults as well. Statista predicts that the mobile games market will grow to $419 billion by 2027. We are also witnessing a growth in the number of gamers worldwide. The number of mobile gamers has risen to 3 billion.

Mobile game development is a fast-growing industry. A mobile game development company is involved in creating games that are addictive, entertaining, and fun. Whether you are looking for mobile game development services or creating a game yourself, you must be aware of the process of game development and the cost and time it takes. We will also explore the types of gaming apps and emerging trends.

Fun fact: Do you know that Subway Surfers and Garena Free Fire are among the top downloaded mobile games?

Mobile game development

Types Of Mobile Games

Mobile games have types? Yes, there are multiple types of mobile games available on different platforms. A mobile game app development company can create gaming apps of the following types:

Hyper-casual: Simple and addictive games with quick rounds and easy gameplay, often featuring minimalist graphics and intuitive mechanics. Think "Flappy Bird" or "Temple Run."

Shooters: Fast-paced games where you blast your way through waves of enemies, like "Call of Duty: Mobile" or "PUBG Mobile."

Match-3: Line up three or more of the same coloured elements to clear the board, like "Candy Crush Saga" or "Bejeweled."

Word: Test your vocabulary and spelling skills with anagrams, crosswords, and other wordplay challenges, like "Wordscapes" or "SpellTower."

Real-time strategy (RTS): Build bases, gather resources, and command armies in real-time battles against other players or AI, like "Clash of Clans" or "Rise of Kingdoms."

Adventure: Explore mysterious worlds, solve puzzles, and uncover hidden secrets, like "Life is Strange" or "Monument Valley."

Arcade: Classic arcade-style games with fast-paced action and simple controls, like "Pac-Man" or "Galaga.”

Sports: Compete in your favourite sports against other players or AI opponents, like "FIFA Mobile" or "NBA 2K Mobile."

Casino: Play classic casino games like slots, blackjack, and poker, often with social features and virtual currency.

Mobile game development

Process Of Gaming App Development

The process of developing a gaming app is pretty similar to that of developing any other app. The only difference comes in the technologies that are used by a gaming app development company. An Android game development company starts by conceptualising the app and gathering the required resources.

Mobile game app developers work together with UI/UX designers, testers, front-end developers, back-end developers, and project managers to create gaming apps that are sure to attract the attention of the target audience. Let us

Closely look at the process of gaming app development.
➤Ideation and Planning

Concept: Brainstorm and refine your game idea, considering the genre, target audience, unique selling points, and overall feasibility.

Game Design Document (GDD): Create a comprehensive document outlining the game's mechanics, story, characters, art style, and technical specifications.

Market Research: Analyze existing games in your chosen genre, identify potential competitors, and assess market trends.

➤ Pre-production

Team Building: Assemble a team with the necessary skills, including programmers, artists, designers, sound engineers, and testers.

Platform Selection: Choose the target platforms (iOS, Android, or both) based on your target audience and technical considerations.

Game Engine Selection: Select a suitable game engine (Unity, Unreal Engine, Godot, etc.) that aligns with your project's needs and team expertise.

➤ Production

Art and Design: Develop game assets like characters, environments, UI elements, and animations based on the GDD.

Programming: Implement the game mechanics, core gameplay loop, and other functionalities using the chosen game engine.

Audio Design: Create sound effects, music, and voice-over elements to enhance the game's atmosphere and immersion.

➤Testing and Iteration

Internal Testing: The development team rigorously tests the game for bugs, balance issues, and overall gameplay quality.

Alpha Testing: Invite a limited group of external testers to provide feedback and identify gameplay issues.

Beta Testing: Conduct a wider public beta test to gather broader feedback and refine the game before launch.

➤ Launch and Post-production

App Store Optimization (ASO): Optimize the game's listing on app stores with relevant keywords, screenshots, and trailers to attract players.

Marketing and Promotion: Implement marketing campaigns to generate awareness and interest in your game.

Live Operations: Monitor player feedback, address bugs and issues, and release updates and new content to keep players engaged.

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Emerging Technologies In Mobile Game Development

We are way past the era of those boring games we used to play on our Nokia mobile phones. No doubt, the snake game was something we would die for. But a lot has changed since. We have switched from feature phones to smartphones. As phones got smarter, mobile games also evolved.

Today, we have games that offer an almost real-like experience. Emerging technologies like AR/VR have enhanced the gaming experience. Other prominent trends that a mobile game development company is following are artificial intelligence, blockchain, NFTs, metaverse gaming, etc.

Cost Of Mobile Game Development Services

The cost of developing a gaming app depends on many factors. No two games are the same. Therefore, the price will vary. A gaming app development company charges for their services based on the following factors:

  • App complexity
  • Features of the game
  • Location of the developing company
  • Graphics and visual elements
  • Development platform
  • Testing and debugging
  • Game engine
  • Audio and sound effects
  • Marketing and promotion

Depending on these factors, the development of a gaming app can cost anywhere from $5000 to a million dollars. The period will also vary depending on these factors. It may take between three months and a year for a mobile game app development company to create a gaming app.

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Summing Up!

The popularity of mobile games is skyrocketing, and emerging technologies like AR/VR are only fueling it. The process of developing a mobile game app starts with ideation and research. The gaming app must have attractive characters, setups, and locations to attract users. Modern gamers need games that can connect them with other gamers, play in collaboration, and make in-app purchases.

The cost and time that are needed to develop a gaming app vary from app to app. A simple game will take less time and cost less. A complex gaming app will cost more and take more time to develop. Connect with a mobile game development company to get the most intuitive mobile game app.

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