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How much does it cost to develop an Android app?

This question must have crossed your mind, whether you are a developer or a general user of any app.

Today, we have many types of apps. From food delivery and fitness apps to investment and social media apps, we have apps for almost anything. App development costs vary for different apps. Simple apps with basic features like to-do lists or calculators might cost $5,000-$15,000. Medium-complexity apps with moderate features and integrations bump the range to $15,000-$40,000.

Complex apps boasting advanced features, real-time data, and offline functionality can reach $40,000-$100,000+. Highly complex apps like games or social networks push the boundaries, potentially exceeding $100,000. Android app development costs depend on many factors. That is exactly what we are going to discuss in this blog. Let us start by exploring the factors that affect app development costs.

Factors Affecting Android App Development Cost

android app dev cost

App Complexity

This is the biggest cost driver. Simple apps with basic features like calculators or to-do lists will cost significantly less than complex apps with advanced features like real-time data processing, offline functionality, or complex integrations. Complexity includes the number of screens, features, functionalities, and level of interactivity.

Design & User Experience (UI/UX)

A well-designed app with a user-friendly interface not only enhances user engagement but also impacts costs. Basic pre-built templates are cheaper, but custom UI/UX design tailored to your brand and target audience can significantly increase costs.

Development Team

The choice of your development team plays a major role. Freelancers offer flexibility but may require more management, while agencies provide expertise and structure but come with higher hourly rates. In-house teams offer tight control but involve overhead costs. An Android app development company can offer experience and expertise. Consider your project needs, budget, and desired level of control when making this choice.

Additional Costs

Development isn't the only expense. App store fees, marketing, maintenance, and ongoing updates need to be factored in. App store fees vary depending on the platform, while marketing costs can range greatly based on your chosen strategies. Ongoing maintenance and updates are essential for keeping your app functioning smoothly, adding to the overall budget.

Third-party integrations

Integrating with external services like payment gateways or social media platforms can add costs, depending on the complexity and licensing fees involved.

Location of the development team

Development costs can vary depending on the location of your development team due to differences in hourly rates and living standards. Getting Android app development services from India will cost you less as compared to hiring Android app developers from the USA or UK.

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Android App Development Cost: Process Wise Breakdown

android app dev cost The cost to develop an Android app can be broken down depending on its process. Every stage in Android app development will cost differently. The consolidated price of each stage will determine the overall development cost. Let’s take a look at how much each stage costs.

Ideation & Planning (Free - ~$5,000)

Brainstorming & wireframing: This initial stage involves defining your app's purpose, target audience, and core features. You can do this yourself or collaborate with designers/consultants, incurring costs only if external help is needed.

Market research & competitor analysis: Understanding your niche and competitors helps refine your app's concept and features. While free resources exist, in-depth analysis might require paid tools or services.

Project management & documentation: Creating a roadmap, defining user stories, and creating technical specifications help guide the development process. This can be done internally or involve project management tools/consultants.

Design & User Experience (UI/UX) ($5,000 - $50,000+)

Low-fidelity prototypes: These basic prototypes visualize the app's flow and functionality and are often created internally using low-cost tools.

High-fidelity prototypes: These interactive prototypes with actual screen designs and user flows refine the UI/UX before development. Hiring UI/UX designers significantly impacts the cost here.

Usability testing & iteration: Testing prototypes with target users help identify pain points and improve the user experience. Usability testing services add to the cost.

Development ($20,000 - $300,000+)

Front-end development: Building the app's interface and interactions primarily involves Kotlin or Java for Android. The cost depends on the development team, complexity, and chosen framework.

Back-end development: This involves building the server-side logic and database. Complexity, required APIs, and chosen stack (Firebase, AWS, etc.) influence the cost.

API integrations: Integrating with external services like payment gateways or social media platforms adds complexity and cost, depending on the chosen APIs and licensing fees.

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Testing & Deployment ($5,000 - $20,000+)

Functional testing: This involves verifying all features work as intended.

Non-functional testing: This includes evaluating performance, security, and compatibility.

Beta testing: Real-world user testing with select users to identify and fix bugs before launch. The cost increases with the number of beta testers.

App Store deployment: Submitting the app to the Google Play Store incurs a one-time $25 registration fee.

Maintenance & Updates (Ongoing cost)

Bug fixes & improvements: Addressing issues and enhancing features based on user feedback.

Platform updates: Adapting the app to new Android versions and API changes.

Server maintenance: Ongoing costs for server hosting and maintenance, especially for backend-heavy apps.

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Android App Development Options

android app dev cost

You have three options when it comes to developing an Android app. You can have an in-house development team, hire freelancers, or hire an Android mobile app development company. Let’s take a look at all three options and their distinctive features.

In-house Development

In-house app development involves establishing a dedicated team within the organization that carries out Android app development. This team will exclusively work on the company’s projects, providing a high level of control. Let’s look at its features.

Full control: You have complete control over every aspect of the development process, from choosing the technology stack to managing the team.

Flexibility: You can customize the app to your specific needs and integrate any desired features.

Requires expertise: You need a team of skilled developers familiar with Android development tools and languages like Kotlin or Java.

Expensive: Building a team and managing the entire development process can be costly.


The second option is to hire freelancers who work independently on a project basis. They often work remotely, offering greater flexibility and availability. Let’s look at their distinctive features.

Cost-effective: Hiring individual developers can be cheaper than building a full team.

Variety of skills: You can find freelancers with specific skills and experience relevant to your app.

Management overhead: You need to manage and coordinate different freelancers, which can be time-consuming.

Quality control: Finding reliable and skilled freelancers can be challenging.

Android application development company

An Android app development company specializes in providing end-to-end development services. They usually have a dedicated team of Android app developers who have expertise in various domains. The salient features Android application development services offer are:

Expertise and experience: Agencies have experienced teams and established development processes.

Project management: They handle all aspects of development, from design to deployment.

Higher cost: Agencies often charge premium rates for their services.

Less flexibility: You might have less control over the development process and final product.

How To Select The Best Option For Android App Development

android app dev cost

App size and complexity

The app size and complexity can help you determine which option you should go with. A simple and small app can be easily developed by freelancers, whereas a large and complex app needs the expertise of a dedicated Android application development company.


Budget also plays a major role in deciding who to hire to develop the Android app. If you have budget constraints, you might want to pair up with freelance app developers. However, investing in Android app development services offered by a company can help you generate more returns in the long run.

Long-term support

If you want long-term support for your app’s maintenance, then you should go for an Android mobile app development company. They often provide support and maintenance services, along with app development.

Time frame

If you have a deadline to launch your app, you might consider having an in-house development team, as you will have greater control over them. You can also hire an agency to develop your app within a set timeline.

Android App Development Cost Optimization Tips

android app dev cost

Now that you know how much Android app development costs and the various options you can explore, let us look at some tips that will help you optimize the cost.

Define core features

Identify the essential functionalities that deliver the most value to your users. Prioritize these and consider adding advanced features later based on feedback and budget.

Create a detailed roadmap

Outline the development stages, milestones, and feature iterations to avoid scope creep and unnecessary changes.

Plan for scalability

Design your app architecture with future expansion in mind to minimize the need for complete overhauls later.

Explore open-source libraries & frameworks

Leverage readily available, well-maintained code components to reduce development time and costs.

Evaluate the need for custom UI/UX

Basic templates can be cost-effective for simpler apps, while custom design requires expertise and incurs higher costs. Assess the impact on user experience and brand identity before making a decision.

Compare different development models

Research the cost implications of freelancers, agencies, and in-house teams based on your project's complexity, budget, and desired control.

Consider outsourcing non-core tasks

Tasks like QA testing or design elements can be outsourced to remote teams with potentially lower rates.

Seek consultations from experienced developers

Get realistic estimates and guidance on cost-effective approaches before committing to a development team.

Optimize app performance

Minimize unnecessary data usage and background processes to improve the user experience and potentially reduce storage costs.

Plan for app store fees and marketing

Factor these costs into your budget and explore organic marketing strategies alongside paid campaigns.

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Get A Cost-Effective Android App With SISGAIN

android app dev cost

Apps have become necessary to take your business in front of a larger audience base and generate more sales and revenue. Online presence is something you cannot ignore.

An app helps you connect directly with your target audience, providing them with a personalized experience. There are around 3.6 billion Android users in the world, spread across 190 countries.

Android offers lucrative opportunities to scale your business, and you must have a presence on this platform.

Your app will be the face of your business, therefore, it must accurately represent your business. Connecting with SISGAIN will offer you the expertise of Android app developers who have been in this industry for many years.

We have a team of dedicated project managers, app developers, testers, and designers who have created world-class Android apps. Partnering with us will provide you with cost-effective yet top-quality Android application development services. Talk to our experts today to discuss your app idea.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have found the answers to the questions that were on your mind regarding Android app development costs. The cost depends on many factors, and it will vary according to the country as well.

You can choose to have an in-house team, hire freelancers, or hire an app development agency. Before deciding on one method, consider the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Also, keep in mind the cost optimization tips that we have mentioned above. Plan extensively before you go for Android app development, as it will impact your business as well. You do not want to invest in an app that is not worth the price you paid.

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