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OTT App Development Complete Guide: Creating an OTT App Like Netflix

Netflix and chill are the new ways of spending weekends. There are so many of us who just love to watch web series in a cozy blanket. Yes, we are included. Lockdowns brought new ways of enjoying and passing the time. OTT was one of them. And ever since, people have just been hooked. Netflix series like Money Heist and Stranger Things gripped the audience like crazy. Have you watched these shows? They are a must-watch. Trust us, you won’t get bored.

Getting back on track, OTT apps are just what is needed today. Their popularity is soaring year over year. Statista reveals that the OTT video market is expected to have approximately 5.5 billion users by 2028. That’s roughly more than half the entire population on earth! Do you know that Americans spend an average of 70 minutes daily on OTT platforms? And guess what? Over 70% of OTT users binge-watch content.

The increasing internet penetration, on-demand viewing, and high-quality exclusive content are fueling the demand for OTT platforms. The user penetration rate is expected to increase to 68.6% by 2028. The market is also expected to demonstrate an annual growth rate (CAGR 2024-2028) of 6.54%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$407.70 billion by 2028. These statistics show how bright the future is for OTT platforms.

Isn't this the right time to invest in custom OTT app development and target an already-existing audience? Let’s see if we can convince you to get an OTT platform like Netflix and get a huge ROI. This OTT app development guide will walk you through everything related to OTT application development. Worry not! We are not going to bore you. It will be complete before you watch the next episode of Breaking Bad. Let’s hop on the subject.

What Are OTT Platforms?

OTT App development

The term OTT is very popular, yet few know what it stands for. OTT stands for over the top. It refers to streaming services that deliver content directly to viewers over the internet, bypassing traditional cable, satellite, or broadcast television providers. People often connect OTT with video streaming when it encompasses a lot more. It is popularised by Netflix and Hulu, but it provides a diverse range of content, like:

  • Audio streaming: Services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora are considered OTT for delivering on-demand music and podcasts.
  • Live streaming: Platforms like Twitch and YouTube Live offer live streams of gaming, events, and more, falling under the OTT umbrella.
  • Communication: Tools like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Skype, which use the internet for voice and video calling, are also classified as OTT services.
  • Cloud gaming: Services like Stadia and GeForce Now, which stream video games directly to devices, are another facet of OTT offerings.
  • Educational content: Platforms like Masterclass and Skillshare, offering on-demand learning materials, can be considered OTT as well.

Why Are OTT Platforms Gaining Popularity?

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There are many OTT platforms besides Netflix, but it surely is the market leader with 44.21% of the OTT market share in the United States. There are more than 247.15 million Netflix subscribers worldwide. However, competitors like Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, and HBO are giving stiff competition to Netflix. Let’s see why OTT apps are gaining popularity.


OTT platforms provide you access to unlimited content. Watch what you want, whenever you want, wherever you want. You no longer have to wait to watch your favourite shows. OTT offers content on-demand, accessible on various devices like smartphones, tablets, TVs, and computers.

No ads

You can watch content seamlessly without any ads. Many OTT platforms offer ad-free subscriptions, eliminating commercial interruptions and enhancing the viewing experience. Watching shows on TV included ads that made us irritated. OTT has provided viewers with a smooth experience.

Offline viewing

OTT platforms also offer the option of downloading content to consume later. You can download movies and series to watch while travelling or listen to pre-downloaded songs.

Variety of content

OTT platforms have something for everyone. They offer a vast library of movies, shows, documentaries, stand-up comedy, and educational content across various genres and languages. You can customise the recommendations according to your preferences.

Subscription options

The OTT platform offers many subscription options. Many of them also provide a free trial period. You can choose a plan that fits your budget and is cost-effective.


The COVID-19 pandemic is the biggest reason behind the popularity of OTT apps. If it were not for the lockdowns that trapped us inside our homes, we would not have become used to OTT. The binge-watching culture was born during those initial days of lockdowns.


Advances in technology are also fueling the growth of OTT. Almost everyone has a smartphone today. The high-speed internet is making it easy to access content online.

Original content

Original and high-quality content can be found on many OTT platforms. Netflix and Amazon Prime invest heavily in creating high-quality and original content that is not found anywhere else. This attracts a large number of viewers.

Why Should You Get An OTT App Like Netflix?

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High Growth Potential

The OTT market is booming, with a projected global revenue of $286.23 billion by 2027. There are no signs of OTT slowing down. As smart devices penetrate more and the internet speed improves, the demand for on-demand content is only going to rise.

Recurring Revenue

OTT platforms offer multiple revenue models that can guarantee you a consistent flow of revenue. You can choose one of the following models for your app:

Subscription video on demand (SVOD)

Users pay a recurring fee (monthly, annually) for unlimited access to a library of content. Examples are Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+.

Advertising video on demand (AVOD)

Users access content for free, supported by ad insertions before, during, or after content. Examples are YouTube, Pluto TV, and Crackle.

Transactional video on demand (TVOD)

Users pay a one-time fee to rent or purchase individual pieces of content (movies, episodes, etc.). Examples are iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Prime Video.

Hybrid model

Combines elements of different models, like offering both free ad-supported and premium subscription tiers. Examples are Disney+ (with Star+) and HBO Max (with an ad-supported option).

Freemium model

Offers a limited selection of free content to incentivize users to upgrade to a premium subscription for full access. Examples are Spotify, Pandora, and Deezer.

Diverse Audience

OTT platforms serve a broad spectrum of viewers with diverse interests and niche content. You can invest in an app that will provide a wide variety of content to a wide audience.

Technical Innovations

Emerging technologies like AI, ML, blockchain, AR, and VR are improving the OTT experience. Integrating these into the OTT app will provide consumers with a personalized experience.

Key Features Of An OTT App

Account setup and creation

This is the basic feature every OTT app has. A user has to first create an account to access the content. Users can define their preferences to get customized content recommendations. They can enable two-step verification to ensure privacy and security.

Extensive content library

An OTT app must have content that caters to diverse tastes with movies, shows, documentaries, and originals across genres and languages. Prioritizing quality and freshness is a must.

Personalized recommendations

Personalized recommendations can enhance the user experience. AI and user data can be used to suggest content based on viewing history and preferences.

Seamless playback experience

Ensure smooth streaming across devices and internet speeds, with features like adaptive bitrate and offline viewing.

Multiple language support

With content available in multiple languages, a global audience can be targeted. Offering subtitles and dubbing in various languages can also attract more users.

Multiple profiles

This feature will allow users to create separate profiles for personalized recommendations and watchlists.

Parental controls

Parental control is required to restrict access to certain types of content based on age or parental discretion.

Cross-platform compatibility

The OTT app must work seamlessly on various devices, like smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and streaming sticks.

Offline viewing

Users must be able to download content and consume it later. Therefore, the feature of offline viewing is necessary to help the audience enjoy themselves even without the internet.

Flexible subscription plans

Multiple subscription plans are necessary to help consumers choose. Different subscription plans with varying content access and pricing options will help consumers choose as per their preferences.

AR/VR experiences

Integrating augmented reality or virtual reality elements for an innovative viewing experience will enhance the user experience and bring them back again and again.

Payment gateways

Integration of multiple payment gateways will allow users to pay for the content quickly and start consuming it.

Process Of OTT Mobile Application Development

The process of OTT mobile application development is similar to that of developing any other app. Hire OTT app developers from SISGAIN to get an OTT app that will help you quickly gain traction and capture a wider audience. Let us closely look at the process of OTT application development.

App ideation and research

Now, if you have planned to get an OTT app, the first step to follow is choosing the type of OTT app you want. You can choose a video, audio, or game streaming app. Of course, you will contact an OTT app development company that can build the app for you.

Market research is crucial to assess the competitors, their pricing models, app features, etc. This helps to outline the unique features that can be incorporated into the app to make it stand out.

Mapping out the features

After thorough market research is carried out, it's time to map out app features. This step is all about finalizing the features and functionalities your app will offer to users. Existing OTT apps can give a fair overview of the features that can be included. Finding out the gaps that your app will fill gives you a competitive advantage over others.

Designing UI/UX

After all the features are selected, it’s time to give the app a real appearance. This step includes designing the UI of the app. UI/UX designers create prototypes of the app that are clickable to assess what your app will look like. They ensure easy navigability for users.

Choosing the technology stack

This step is all about choosing the technologies that will be used to develop the app. It is up to you to get a native app or a cross-platform app. OTT app developers will decide on the various front-end and back-end languages, databases, APIs, cloud technologies, etc.

App development

This is the step where your app comes to life. OTT app developers start working on the app, develop the front-end, and back-end, create databases, integrate APIs, third-party apps, etc. They follow the best practices and methodologies to create your app in the minimum time and cost possible.

Monetization methods

Of course, selecting a monetization method is crucial to getting the highest ROI for your app. You can choose any one of the methods that we have mentioned above. You must select a method that you are sure your target audience will accept. You can also choose multiple monetization methods to ensure maximum return.

App testing and quality assurance

After your app is fully developed, it's time to run tests to check its performance, usability, and reliability. App testers perform manual and automatic tests to check the app’s speed, functions, scalability, and security. The QA team ensures that the app meets industry standards and follows all the guidelines.

App launch

After the app is duly tested and fixed for any bugs and defects, it is time to finally launch it. This step includes preparing the app for submission to the respective app store. To submit the app to app stores, a description of the app must be prepared with compelling screenshots and photos. App store guidelines must be followed to ensure that the app is accepted and launched.

support and maintenance

The OTT application development process does not end with the launch of the app. An app requires continuous maintenance and updates to ensure it works smoothly and provides users with an enhanced user experience.

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Emerging OTT Platform Development Trends

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OTT platforms are going beyond basic recommendations to offer hyper-personalized experiences. This includes micro-targeting content, tailoring interfaces based on viewing habits, and even creating personalized trailers and intros.

Short-form content

Bite-sized, easily digestible content like TikTok videos and Instagram Reels are gaining popularity. Expect OTT platforms to adapt with short-form shows, teasers, and personalized content snippets.

Live streaming

Real-time events, interactive experiences, and live broadcasts are gaining traction. Platforms will integrate live features for sports, concerts, and even interactive watch parties.

Immersive experiences

AR/VR technology will offer more immersive viewing experiences, blurring the lines between reality and content. These technologies will offer an almost real-life experience of watching movies and shows.

Blockchain technology

While still in its early stages, blockchain could revolutionize content distribution, rights management, and even micropayments for creators.

5G integration

Faster internet speeds enabled by 5G will allow for higher-quality streaming, seamless live experiences, and improved AR/VR integration. 5G will make it super easy to download content or watch it online.

Cloud-based infrastructure

Utilizing cloud computing offers scalability, reliability, and cost efficiency for OTT platforms, handling large data volumes and user surges effectively.

Hybrid models

Moving beyond single revenue streams, platforms will combine subscriptions, targeted advertising, in-app purchases, and partnerships for diversified income and cater to different user preferences.


Eco-friendly initiatives and energy-efficient technologies will be adopted by platforms to reduce their carbon footprint and align with user values.


Features like closed captions, audio descriptions, and alternative text will be prioritized to make content enjoyable for everyone, regardless of abilities.

Content Moderation

With diverse content comes the need for robust moderation tools to address misinformation, hate speech, and harmful content, ensuring a safe and inclusive platform.

Data Privacy and Security

Protecting user data and implementing strong security measures will be crucial to building trust and complying with evolving regulations.

Custom OTT App Development: Cost & Time

OTT App development

Now that you are aware of the features, processes, and emerging trends in OTT app development, you must be curious to know what exactly it costs to build the app. The time and cost will vary depending on app size, features, integrations, complexity, technologies used, number of developers working, etc. On average, it can cost between $60,000 and $80,000 to build an OTT app.

The price may go up or down; it all depends on your app’s features. You can expect your app to be fully functional between 4 and 6 months. Again, this may also vary depending on your app’s complexity. To know the exact price and time of developing your OTT app, kindly reach out to us now.

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How Can SISGAIN Help With OTT Application Development?

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The popularity of OTT platforms is increasing every year. It offers a lucrative business opportunity. You can tap the growing market with an innovative app of your own. SISGAIN is a top OTT app development company that has years of extensive experience creating OTT apps. Our OTT app developers stay afloat with the latest industry trends to create apps that are innovative and futuristic.

If you have an idea for an OTT app, then we have the right skills to bring it to life. We can build an OTT app in minimal time and cost. You can reach out to us today to discuss your app idea. We would love to listen to what you have on your mind. Hire OTT app developers from SISGAIN who can create a better OTT app than Netflix for you.

Let’s Pack Up!

Finally, this OTT app development guide is at its end. We hope we have covered everything you need to know about OTT app development. We have covered topics like what OTT apps are, why they are gaining popularity, and their features. We have also discussed the process of OTT app development and the key trends emerging in it. Investing in an OTT platform is a wise decision that you can make today. Let’s meet and discuss your OTT app idea.

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