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Hospitals have become more sophisticated and advanced with hospital management software. Get in touch with us today and empower your healthcare operations with an HIS information system.

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Hospital Management Software Development India

Hospitals are the backbone of the healthcare industry. The hospitals play a major role in providing medical and wellness services to the general public. Hospitals need to be organised and well-managed to offer on-time health services to patients. Traditional ways to carry out day-to-day tasks consume a lot of time and resources. A hospital management system is changing the way a hospital operates.

There are various features and modules in a hospital information system that allow doctors and other hospital staff to better manage their daily tasks and operations. Automation of redundant tasks helps save time and resources. Enterprise resource planning can be made efficient with a custom hospital management application.

SISGAIN has delivered some of the best hospital management software in India. We have a dedicated team of hospital software system developers. Our clients are spread across the globe. With our innovation and teamwork, we create the best HIS software in India. Contact us today and get your hospital management system software!

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Advantages Of Hospital Information Management System

Cost-effective Development

Easy access to patient data

With an online hospital management system, the data of all the patients can be stored in an organised manner. As this data is stored electronically, it becomes really easy to access. Doctors can access this data with just a few clicks. Electronic medical record systems help keep all the medical bills in one place.

Flexible and Scalable

Increased security

A patient’s personal data is confidential and should be kept private. The best hospital management systems store patient data in secured databases that can only be accessed by doctors and hospital staff. No unauthorised access is possible due to the robust security layers.

Developer Friendly

Improved efficiency

HIS Information System in India is improving efficiency by automating redundant tasks and better managing daily operations. Billing errors, missing documents, duplicate documents, etc. will no longer be a nuisance for the hospital staff. A hospital management system application is a new way of managing a hospital.


Cost-effective solutions

Hospital management system India help hospitals save a significant amount of money by reducing the need for multiple staff and allocating resources mindfully. Operational and administrative tasks can be streamlined, and resources can be utilised in a better way.

Easy to Install

Effective resource management

Hospital management solutions with enterprise resource management can help hospitals effectively manage and allocate their resources. With an ERP system, hospital resources can be tracked and utilised in an effective way. Our hospital management software in India can help hospitals manage their resources effectively.


Cross-department communication

Cross-department communication is necessary to carry out the various operations. Any miscommunication can lead to chaos and confusion. Any miscommunication can lead to fatal results. To provide patients with the right treatment at the right time, cross-departmental communication is vital.

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Key Features

Patient registration
Bed allotment
Appointment management
Inventory management
Report generation
Staff management
Patient portal

Our Hospital Information System in India Includes

Patient management

Our hospital management solutions help hospitals manage the in-patients and out-patients effectively. The number of beds available can also be calculated and allotted accordingly. HIS software can also manage appointments and schedules.

Doctor management

A hospital information system (HIS) with a doctor management module can be beneficial for doctors as it helps them access their schedule for the day. They can also access the schedules of other doctors and make necessary changes if needed.

Bed management

Our hospital information management system India helps hospitals effectively manage bed allotment. Bed allotment should be carried out to prevent over-admission of patients. The number of beds can be increased in cases of emergencies or pandemics.

Information desk module

The information desk module in our hospital information system software can help doctors and patients easily access data. This makes hospitals rely less on paperwork and avoid duplicate documentation. The patient information can be accessed with just a few clicks.

Billing management

A billing module in the hospital management system can help produce an integrated bill at the end of patient treatment or discharge. This helps prevent fraud or duplication of bills. Integration of the accounting software with HIS software makes it easy to collect and generate bills.

Statistical reports

The data collected by the hospital record management system can be analysed to produce weekly, monthly or quarterly reports. These reports can be used to keep a check on hospital management and take the necessary steps to improve its functioning.

Administration management

The overall administration of the hospital can be done with a dedicated module in the hospital management system. This module helps administrators keep a check on the various functions. From doctors, nurses, and cleaning staff to patients and visitors, everything can be managed with it.

Online prescription

Online prescriptions, or E-prescriptions can be used to prescribe medicine and drugs to patients in an easy way. This helps save time and energy, as people no longer have to wait in long lines to get the medicine. Our hospital information management system in India is helping pharmacies streamline their operations.

OPD management

Outpatient department management can help doctors and patients interact with each other effectively. The OPD is the first point of communication between a doctor and a patient. Therefore, a hospital management system in India can help hospitals better manage their OPD.

Why SISGAIN For Hospital Management Software Development?

Cost-effective Development

HIS development expertise

We at SISGAIN excel at creating user-friendly and scalable applications for hospital management. Our healthcare app developers use the latest technology stack to create hospital management software that helps doctors and medical professionals streamline their healthcare services.

Flexible and Scalable

On-time delivery

We prioritise each and every project that we receive. Our foremost goal is to provide our clients with the utmost satisfaction. Therefore, our development team follows agile methodologies to complete your HIS software on time. We make sure that your activities do not get hindered due to our delay.

Developer Friendly

Robust technology

We create next-gen applications for healthcare. Our hospital information systems in India are full of advanced features. We create software that helps you simplify your day-to-day operations and prioritise patient care and satisfaction.


Maintenance and support

Our services extend beyond the development of your hospital management software. We constantly provide maintenance for your HIS software to make sure that it works properly and does not hinder your activities.

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Hospital management software is a digital solution that helps hospitals manage their day-to-day tasks effectively. It has modules that can manage human resources, inventory, finances, administration, appointments, etc.

A hospital ERP solution is software that can help hospital administrators manage and allocate their resources. These resources can be tangible and non-tangible. Enterprise resource planning is an effective solution for managing inventory, finance, payroll, etc.

The cost of hospital management software depends upon its features and modules. An extensive HIS software with multiple integrations will cost more to develop. The cost also depends on technological and third-party integrations.

HIS software has many features. The most prominent features include patient portal, EMR, EHR, bed management, E-prescriptions, reports, data analytics, OPD, etc.

Yes, we develop apps and software that are HIPAA-compliant. We follow the rules and regulations that are established to keep patient data secure. Our apps and software comply with all the necessary certificates and standards.

After discussing your requirements, we immediately start working on your project. We gather all the resources and assign tasks to the concerned teams. Our developers and project managers work in complete cooperation to deliver your solutions on time.

Yes, we offer consulting services for hospital management software development. You can contact our consultants and get their assistance for your project. They will solve all your queries and guide you thoroughly.

Connecting with us is easy. You can email us your requirements or contact us at the number provided on our website. Our consultants will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your project.

Feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions or to learn more about our Hospital Management App Development Services!


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