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Enhance your healthcare operations with our unmatched telemedicine app development solutions.

  • HIPAA Compliant Communication
  • Remote Scheduling and Appointments
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Patient History Management
  • Online Medication Tracker
  • Audio and Video-enabled Conferencing
telemedicine app development

Need For Telemedicine Software Development Solutions

We are all aware of the significance of the healthcare sector in the current times. Since the widespread of the COVID 19 pandemic, there has been a visible urgency for virtual health solutions. These assist in reducing the risk of spreading or catching contagious diseases. In order to provide some assistance to our frontline workers in the medical centers, our telemedicine software developers have built a reliable app development solution. Our telemedicine application offers a dynamic integrated platform that helps connect patients with a specialist for remote medical consultations. This way, users are able to receive quality medical attention virtually anywhere and at any time.

Telemedicine Apps Impact On The Healthcare Industry

Since the arrival of telemedicine software system solutions, doctors and patients can have quick and easier access to one another. Healthcare institutions, medical clinics, and doctors are just a few clicks away from helping out their patients. That has helped the patients in saving their money plus time, which was earlier spent on traveling for physical doctor consultation. For most medical ailments, they can have a virtual consultation from the comfort of their homes. In addition to this, patients also receive e-prescriptions for their medical condition. The white label telemedicine app development services have benefitted both doctors and patients with their uncomplicated UI/UX.

Cost Saving


Cost Saving
Time Saving


Time Saving
Easy Booking


Easy Booking
Remote help


Remote help


Organized Work


Organized Work

Advanced Telmedicine App Development Solutions

The healthcare industry has evolved a lot over time. One of its vital aspects is telemedicine. This progressive healthcare field offers versatile telemedicine application solutions with a manageable framework. From scheduling an appointment to viewing our medical records, everything is available to us conveniently.

telemedicine app development solutions
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Health Insurance Applications

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Electronic Health Record (EHR) Solutions

Our Telemedicine App Development Solutions Overview

Our telemedicine solutions are equally relevant to the patient’s as well as the doctor’s. We aim at providing them with a smooth and efficient framework to utilize these solutions.



By providing quick online consultations, it helps in conserving the time of both patient’s and doctor’s.


Medical History Records

The medical practitioners can record the medical reports or history in the application as it would be helpful for future reference.


Remote Availability

It helps provide medical consultation to people living in remote regions through easy online booking & appointments.


24/7 Healthcare Facilities

There are multiple doctor’s available to patients throughout the day. Patients can get medical help at any time, from any place.


Streamlined Management

Our telemedicine solutions assist the healthcare units in having an effective management system for a convenient work process.


Continuous Monitoring Services

It supports remote patient monitoring and chronic disease monitoring, regular assessments, follow-up consultations & eprescription. etc.

Heighten Your Business Growth With Our Telemedicine App Development

Leverage your healthcare business performance by getting your hands on dynamic and scalable telemedicine applications. At SISGAIN, we provide the most adept team of telemedicine developers to build the best telemedicine applications.

Technologies Used for Telemedicine App Development


React Js

The implementation of React JS in our telemedicine app development enhances the user interface. When a React JS application is implemented for health-related services, the developers are able to build the application smoothly and without any complications. It is fast, scalable, & convenient.



Our Angular developers have added another keyword- healthcare, to their knowledge and skills. It assists in improving the Electronic Health Records (EHR) system. Angular has high HIPAA Compliance and adds the factor of reloading the page & other key elements.


Node JS

By implementing Node JS in the telemedicine application, it allows seamless working. It allows the developers to work on the application without much hassle and with heightened fluency and flexibility. It also offers an event-driven framework that enhances the video conferencing experience.


Cloud Computing

A majority of healthcare organizations implement cloud computing in their frameworks. It is highly HIPAA-compliant. Such a feature assists in maintaining the medical records securely. These records have 24/7 accessibility. Cloud-based telemedicine solutions are superior to healthcare providers.

Framework Of Our Telemedicine Application Development

With the help of the latest resources and tools, developers at SISGAIN build a custom-tailored and highly operative structure for telemedicine solutions.

telemedicine solution architecture

Seamless On-Demand Solutions For Telemedicine App Development

Our skilled telemedicine developers help create customized on demand doctor application solutions as per your business requirements. It is our top priority to offer a reliable telemedicine platform for healthcare facilities and services to help our doctors and patients.


Healthcare Startups

Emerging business or medical organizations that desire to offer healthcare facilities or services to the patients through virtual consultation in a convenient manner.


Hospitals and Clinics

We assist the hospitals and clinics in providing an effective platform to carry seamless operations, managing health-related information for patients and billings etc,


Individual Practitioners

Our telemedicine solutions are best suitable for individual clinic owners or doctors. It allows the virtual consultation to take place between the doctor and a patient, time & money.

Our Telemedicine App Development Solutions Overview

The urgency and requirement of telemedicine solutions are ever-increasing. At SISGAIN, you can find the best match of telemedicine development solutions for your business. It provides custom-tailored healthcare services to doctors and patients. Our adept developers have the right skillset to meet ends with the requirements of doctors or medical clinic owners. We assist in boosting the performance of the healthcare industry.


We build dynamic and flexible telemedicine solutions to satisfy the necessary healthcare demands of doctors and hospital owners.

Video Consultations

With the help of a quality video calling feature, physicians can virtually consult their patients.

Store and Forward

Our flexible application framework assists the doctors in uploading, storing, and forwarding EHR to the concerned people.

EMR/EHR Integration

The healthcare centers and doctors have constant access to patient's EMR and EHR for appropriate medical consultation.


Our application would aid patients in booking and scheduling online appointments with medical practitioners to avail remote healthcare facilities through virtual consultancy.

Online Appointments

By registering on the telemedicine app, a patient can schedule an online applicant with a doctor.

Supports Conference Calls

The application allows the patient and doctor to add more people to the consultancy calls for improved medical assistance.

Rapid Messaging

Our telemedicine app has a chatting feature wherein the doctors and patients can connect with one another through texting.

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The healthcare centers can look over and handle the engagement or activities of the doctors and patients with our application for effective operations.

Integrated Payment Method

The telemedicine application helps the doctors or medical clinics in receiving online payments from the patients after the virtual consultation ends.

Admin Dashboard

Our telemedicine solutions allow hospitals or doctors to have quick access to their patient's medical history, details, and payment details.

Analytics and Reporting

The medical centers and doctors can review the number of patients registered with them, their medical history or status, payment details, and more.

SISGAIN'S Telemedicine Application Workflow Overview

You must be working on how a telemedicine application development solution works? Is that not right? Here, we have provided a step-by-step workflow model to enhance your understanding of our efficient application.

SISGAIN'S Telemedicine App Development Process

Our developers at SISGAIN build custom-tailored telemedicine app development solutions as per the requirements of our clients. We precisely design the framework to allow the best UI/UX model.


Application Development Process

 While developing the best-customized application development for your business, our team of experts follows step-by-step processes for producing quality telemedicine solutions.

telemedicine app development process

Reality Check: Efficient And Cost-Effective Telemedicine App Development Services

The presence of telemedicine applications services has brought a drastic positive change. There is quick and convenient access to healthcare services and facilities at affordable costs.

Enhanced Patient-Doctor Experience

Nearly 80% of patients prefer remote medical consultancy over in-person medical meetings with the doctors because of heightened convenience at home.

Better Healthcare Service

With the help of telehealth and telemedicine services & solutions, hospitals and doctors can impart improved services to their patients virtually.

Doctors Engagement

More than 90% of medical practitioners have already adopted these solutions in offering quality virtual medical assistance.

Cost-Effective Virtual Consultation

Patients can get enhanced medical assistance and services at the convenience of their homes, saving travel costs.

Why Hire SISGAIN'S Telemedicine App Development Solutions ?

SISGAIN is a notable IT solutions & telemedicine app development company that has been in the industry for years. Our developers build empowering cloud based telemedicine app development solutions, catering to the present-day needs and requirements of the healthcare sector.

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Custom-tailored Solutions

To render an efficient and uncomplicated doctor-patient virtual experience, we provide customized healthcare solutions.

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Multiple Payment Gateway

For easy and quick payment processes, our application supports multiple payment gateways for patients.

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Cost-effective Solutions

Our custom-tailored application solutions are available at cost-effective prices with the best quality.

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Real-time Notifications

Our telemedicine solution has the feature of sending quick real-time notifications to its users regarding any change in appointment schedules, patient's health, updates, etc.

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Third-Party Integration

Our third-party integration facility assists in having an enhanced and fluent flow of operations for a better experience.

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Analytics and Reporting

For better management and operations, hospitals or business owners have easy access to business reports and analytics.

Discover New Possibilities With Us

We can assist you in many ways:

telemedicine software solutions
Digital Transformation Expertise

We implement up-to-date technologies, digital modifications, and science-based end-to-end solutions to enhance our business.

Top-Notch Software Development Solutions

Getting positive and appreciative responses from our clients and users encourages us to enhance our expertise. To make that possible, we implement resources to provide telemedicine software services of super quality, exceptional, and cost-effective solutions.

Exceptional And Quality-Assured Services

Our telemedicine application development company is well-recognized for its top-notch quality and solutions on a global level. It is our topmost priority to improve the quality of our services to increase client satisfaction.


We get a lot of queries concerning our telemedicine services and applications. If you have some queries regarding the solutions offered by SISGAIN, have a look at these few Frequently Asked Questions. For additional queries or doubts, you can reach out to us any time! We'll be more than happy to answer you.

Which platform is best for telemedicine solutions?

There are plenty of platforms for telemedicine solutions such as Android, iOS, Web. Each one of them is exceptional in its own way. The best platform for telemedicine development for you will depend on your business type and requirement. We build high-quality and HIPAA-compliant models for all kinds of business requirements. You can contact us regarding your business type and needs, and we'll create the best telemedicine solutions accordingly.

Which one is better- custom-tailored healthcare solutions or ready-made ones?

Both the healthcare development solutions are of high quality. The preference between these two frameworks depends on what kind of application your company requires. If your business or organization seeks the standard functions or features, it would be wise to select ready-made development solutions. However, if your business needs some additional or specific features added to the application, then customized solutions would be suitable.

How can I communicate with the project development team?

Communication is the key to any kind of relationship. Even as clients and service providers, strong and clear communication is a must. When our team would start working on your company's project, our company would provide you with a project manager to stay in touch through the completion of the task. He/She will be in regular touch with the team of your company.

What are the commonly used technologies for telemedicine solutions?

The telemedicine app development solutions consist of a variety of functions and features. Implementation of a number of advancing technologies is essential for that purpose. The most commonly used technologies are ReactJS, Angular, Node etc. The solutions are secure and HIPAA-compliant.

Why should I hire SISGAINs for telemedicine app development solutions?

At SISGAIN, you will find yourself with a determined team of skilled developers. We are an award winning telemedicine application development company that provides high-quality and exceptional solutions for the telehealth sector. For 8 years, we have been active in this industry. We have accepted and successfully finished many telemedicine development projects. Our developers build the best-customized solutions by meeting ends with your business's requirements. We make quick and timely delivery of our quality telemedicine software services. Client satisfaction is our priority.

SISGAIN is a renowned application development company. We build technology rich superior applications. We help businesses around the globe to add value by multiplying profits for long term benefits. Get a custom solutions developed for your business !!


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