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Manage your sales more efficiently with POS system software. SISGAIN is a renowned name for POS app development. Connect with us today and let us build custom POS software for you.

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POS Software Development Company

A POS, or point of sale, refers to the place where a customer pays for the goods or services purchased. In an offline store, it refers to the cash counter, or more commonly nowadays, the physical devices that let users pay via debit and credit cards. In an online store, it refers to the checkout point where you pay via the various payment methods.

Those days are long gone and forgotten when people used to stand in queues to checkout and pay for the products they purchased. People want fast and flexible solutions to pay for anything - be it in a restaurant, a shopping mall, an online store, while traveling, or anything else. Modern POS software solutions are streamlining the way people pay. POS software has also made it easy for vendors to track payments, manage inventory, track buying trends, collect marketing data, etc.

SISGAIN is a leading name in POS system software development. We have developed multiple mobile and cloud-based POS software solutions for industries including retail, healthcare, restaurants, healthcare, entertainment, etc. Reach out to us to develop a POS system for your business.

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Why POS System development?

Simplified invoicing

POS software that is integrated with your accounting software can simplify invoicing for your business. POS system providers help you seamlessly integrate POS software.

Better security

The POS software system helps you keep your data secure from unauthorized access. You can keep the data related to sales in one single repository that is accessible only to you.

Inventory management

The POS system can be integrated with the inventory management system to automate the task of stock maintenance. Now inventory management will not be a headache for retailers.

Easy to set up and use

POS software is simple to install and operate. With adequate training, these systems and software can be used by anyone. Personnel at the cash counter can learn to use them to help customers check out quickly.

Integrated sales record

POS system software allows the collection of sales data from multiple stores. This data can be stored in a single repository to better manage finances and gain insights.

POS Software Development Services By Us

Cost-effective Development

Mobile POS

Mobile POS, or mPOS, is the POS that runs on mobile devices, including mobile phones, tablets, iPads, etc. The mobile POS can be used from anywhere and is suited best for businesses that are mobile like food trucks, pop-up shops, events, etc. A mobile POS can be accessed from any location with an internet connection. Our POS software developer can help you get a robust mobile POS.

Flexible and Scalable

Cloud POS

A cloud-based POS is POS software that is hosted on remote servers rather than installed on-premises. Cloud POS is highly scalable and handles a lot of transactions. Since they are hosted remotely, business owners and employees can access sales data and inventory information from anywhere. Cloud-based POS software enables cost savings as physical POS software needs to be maintained.

Developer Friendly

Terminal POS

Terminal POS is the traditional hardware and software used to complete sales transactions. It typically includes a computer, cash drawer, receipt printer, and barcode scanner. These are typically used in retail stores, restaurants, etc. They also include software for inventory management, sales tracking, generating reports, etc.


Self-service Kiosks

A self-service kiosk is a standalone terminal that allows customers to interact without the need for a human attendant. They can be set up at retail stores, restaurants, transportation hubs, etc. A self-service kiosk speeds up customer checkout and decreases operational costs. They usually include a touch screen that enables users to access different services like placing orders, printing tickets, etc.

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Key Features

Contactless payments
Advanced reporting
Sales reports
Inventory management
Tracking customer preferences
Centralized dashboard
Multi-store admin
Centralize data

Why Opt For Our POS Software Development Services?

Proactive approach

POS software developers at SISGAIN take a proactive approach to creating user-centric POS software. Our POS system software is easy to use and operate. We integrate inventory tracking and accounting software to help you better manage your stock and finances.

Dedicated developers

SISGAIN has a dedicated team for POS application development. Our POS system developers are skilled at integrating the various modules and making POS software more robust and useful.

Trusted organization

With a proven track record of developing apps and software for different industries and clients, we have established unparalleled trust in the market. SISGAIN is a name that is trusted for web and mobile app development.

Quick delivery

Our developers are adept at following agile methodologies and delivering POS software systems on time. We prioritize our client’s businesses and make sure that their operations don’t get hindered in any way.

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Point of sale, or POS, is the place where a customer finally checks out and pays for the products and services purchased. POS development refers to the development of software that enables customers to pay via credit or debit cards.

The POS software development will vary from business to business. If you want to integrate multiple features into your POS, then it would definitely cost more. We can only define the cost after consulting with you.

Yes, the POS systems that we develop are easy to use and operate. Your employees can easily learn to use them and integrate them into day-to-day operations.

Yes, we offer post-sales maintenance of your POS software to ensure that it works smoothly.

POS systems allow customers to easily and quickly make payments. This saves customers from waiting in a long line to make the payment. Business owners can integrate their accounting and inventory management software into the POS system to better manage their operations.

SISGAIN is a trusted name for POS software development. our dedicated team of developers can create robust POS software for your business.

On average, POS system software takes 3-4 months to be fully developed. This may vary according to the different requirements.

If you want to get POS software for your business, simply reach out to us via email. You can also fill out the form on our website and specify your budget and requirements.

Feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions or to learn more about our POS App Development Services!


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