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The past two years of COVID-19 have shown people the most challenging phases of their lives. People have witnessed a lot of deaths, some due to covid and some were due to the failure of providing treatment to patients at the right time. According to the government guidelines people were instructed to stay at home so that they don’t come in direct contact with the virus. The hospitals were filled with covid patients making it difficult for the patients with chronic illnesses to visit hospitals. Now the question arises, how can the patients be treated or diagnosed at the correct time so that their condition doesn’t get worse?

To eliminate this challenge, health systems and medical practitioners turned their hopes on the telemedicine app development companies. The telemedicine app development companies invested their time and money in their software developers and they came up with the most portable and convenient solution. The solution was to provide the patients with the assistance of booking online or in-clinic appointments through telemedicine apps.

SISGAIN, a well-established and top-ranked telemedicine app development company has been in the market since 1998. It is providing services to various healthcare systems and clients. The team of experts and software developers at SISGAIN has developed an app popularly known as virtuMD. They have provided the feature of remote patient monitoring which enables the physicians to provide counseling, evaluate and examine their health condition and come up with proper treatment.

The examination and treatment of a patient begin with booking an appointment. Earlier, in the traditional setting, the patients or their family members needed to visit the hospitals or clinics to make an appointment with the doctor or call at the reception of the hospital where the receptionist would schedule an appointment.  But this method of making or scheduling appointments was not reliable as the receptionist sometimes forgets to book a slot and the patients have to stand in a long queue to book an appointment.

With the virtuMD app, SISGAIN developers provided convenience to the patients as the patients now can book online or in-clinic appointments in just a few clicks. The procedure begins with registering themselves in the patient’s portal and uploading or filling the following information related to their health. A list of clinics and hospitals will appear. They can choose the clinic according to their conveyance and book an online or in-clinic appointment with the doctor. As soon as the appointment is made the doctor will receive the notification.

Understanding the meaning of Online Appointment Scheduling

An online appointment booking system refers to scheduling an online or in-clinic appointment. This enables the patients to book online appointments from anywhere and without coming in direct contact with the doctor. This enables the patients to connect with the doctors either for online counseling or they can book an appointment for the in-clinic appointment. To make the appointments all the patients need to have is a smartphone, tablet, or PC with a telemedicine app having a remote patient monitoring feature.

Benefits of scheduling an online or in-clinic appointment

  • 24*7 Booking Facility:  The doctors need to hire a receptionist or a staff member must be available at the reception to pick up the calls for scheduling appointments. Also, booking an appointment in the conventional setting requires a lot of paperwork. It is also possible to sometimes skip the date and time of the appointment. But with the online booking of appointments, both the doctors and patients receive notifications and reminder alerts. Patients can schedule an online or in-clinic appointment from anywhere at any time. Also, it doesn’t cost any money and time.
  • Minimize patient no-shows: One of the biggest problems in scheduling manual appointments is that patients sometimes don’t appear on time or they don’t appear at all. Due to a busy work-life balance, it is hard for the patients to visit the physicians which leads to worsening of their health condition. Sometimes, patients may forget about the appointment but virtuMD has features of automated reminders that remind the patient about their appointment.
  • Making employees and staff more productive: Booking online or in-clinic appointments requires no staff and can be managed by the patient alone. This helps the patients in releasing them from this manual work and focusing on other works and tasks which bring out the whole productivity.
  • Seamlessly integrates with your E.H.R:  The online booking or scheduling appointments enable the doctors to see the notifications received and this is done as the appointment booking systems integrate well with the E.H.R.
  • Improves patient satisfaction: Booking online or in-clinic appointments help the patients experience smooth functioning of the healthcare system. No one admires or is satisfied with the system which is not smooth and costs a lot of money and time. Therefore, with online booking, the patients have to worry less which increases patient satisfaction.

Overall, booking online or in-clinic appointments has proved to be a boon for the patients in the time of the pandemic. They provide the chance of ‘no contact booking’. They have helped the physicians by eliminating the challenge of busy work schedules, saving time and resources for the patients and above all has increased patient satisfaction.   

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