On-demand Doctor App development: Importance and Features

With the presence of modern technologies and increased use of the internet, we have created a dependency on the various technologies and services.  The number of users is increasingly becoming huge who are using the internet for their personal need and services. The smart phones users are using various mobile applications for performing many routine tasks such as shopping, payment of bills and including healthcare facilities.

The healthcare sector is becoming advanced using all the recent developments in delivering care and making the healthcare services accessible easily to all the. Now with the availability of the latest technologies, on-demand doctor app development is gaining popularity among the providers and patients

Doctor On-demand Mobile Apps:

It’s four in the morning and you are having a severe stomach ache.  You have to drive to the hospitals for doctor's consultation. Now the mobile apps are the perfect medium to connect with the doctors on an instant and get immediate treatment. The popularity of mobile apps for online consultation is gaining popularity in recent time as it is easily accessible and deliver prompt services to patients.  These apps save the time of the patients and eliminate the need to visit the hospitals and waiting in the long queues.

These are some important features of the doctors on-demand mobile app:

  • User profile and sign-ups: Each user creates its own account and has a personal profile on the application with all the medical history and present medical conditions. The existing patients can easily login with an id and password whereas new users create its profile on the application.


  • Schedule an appointment: The app is used to book an appointment with the preferred doctor and at the preferred time. The patients are able to check the doctors' availability and schedule the appointment accordingly.


  • In-app chat and calling options: There is an option for the patients to send messages to communicate with the doctor in case there are any discrepancies in the information . the patient can connect on call within the application if having any problem to communicate via text.


  • Live video: The app also has the option of video calling to the doctor for discussing health issues and all the concerned issues patients are having.


  • Electronic medical records:  This facility is for patients who can share and update all their health records for future usage.  These apps store the records very safe and secure in these systems. These are shared with the doctors to improve the quality of cases.


  • E-prescription: The doctors' fil the e-prescriptions data, The apps improve the quality of healthcare. The data is secure by providing end to end encryption of data.


  • Doctor's management: In their feature, all the doctors are mentioned in the categorized as per their specialization. The patients only have to select a category and get an appointment with the preferred doctor.


  • GPS tracking: It is an advanced function on the application as it provides for the users to track the doctors within the current location in the map using GPS technology. It makes the application more accessible and easy to find.


  • Medication tracker: It is another feature of the application, it gives a timely reminder to the patients for the medication. The reminders can be set for the scheduled appointment and refill for pills from the drugstore.


  • Payment mode: An accurate method be available the payment in the apps to be available for the doctors. There should be an easy and secure payment model within the app without any hassle.


  • Report management: In this category, the doctors are able to manage the patients with all records separately. It also generates the reports whenever required.  


  • News and article section: The developers can put all the details of the doctors here and also publish the timely article and related topics from time to time.


  • Ratings and review: the developers should also craft a function that pushes the usw4s to provide a review for the applications. The rating option and feedback is a must to get feedback from the users.

All the above mentioned are the must-have features for the on-demand doctors' app. The developers while developing the app must develop the app in consultancy with the specialist and follow the HIPAA rules. The app must be user-friendly as most of the users are patients, elderly population and patients with chronic diseases.

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