Are you yet to embrace the telehealth facility? Are you still puzzled whether to access it or not? Is it always better to follow a ‘trend’? If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’, this is the blog for you. Hope, your doubts regarding telehealth will be clarified once you have reached the end.

The effect of the pandemic

With the outbreak of the pandemic, there has been a significant change in our lives. We have been pushed to the edge both, physically and mentally. The digital media gained sufficient momentum over the last few months due to several factors. People now are more reliant on the internet than ever before. While we are advised to stay in isolation, there was a significant shift from manual activities to the digitized ones that were conducted from home. 

Similarly, telehealth has gained importance since it is a platform to provide healthcare over the digital media. This is especially preferable after the outbreak of the coronavirus. People can now access healthcare through their electronic device like a PC or a smartphone. This reduces their exposure to the risk of contacting an infected person as they no longer need to wait in crowded clinics or travel in public transport to reach out to the clinician. 

The number of virus affection cases have been rapidly increasing hence, it is important to use the medical resources judiciously. Telehealth allows the accommodation of a larger number of patients. This saves time consumption as well as resources. Thus, the pandemic has had a significant effect on the healthcare sector as more people tend to shift from the traditional methods to exclusive telehealth procedures.

How virtual care came into the limelight ?

The pandemic has taken an unfortunate toll on the global economy. As the revenue value was reduced dramatically, people tend to ignore their health which is a result of lack of awareness. Thus, it is important to raise awareness by presenting an effective alternative to the traditional method of healthcare. It is evident especially amongst the low income family to avoid their health. However, with the introduction of telehealth facilities, which is cheaper than the traditional way, everyone can have quick access to health aid. As discussed above, it is safe and hygienic.

The government policies in the USA too made a significant contribution towards the mass adoption of telehealth. The changes introduced in the Medicare and Medicaid plans, had provision of telehealth. Also, the agents will be reimbursed at the same rate as they did for traditional methods. Also,  the widespread digitization of healthcare was ensured by better connectivity and advancement in technology.

Is the ‘trend’ likely to go obsolete?

As people are discovering the benefits of telehealth, they are endorsing the facility in large numbers. This has an impressive effect on the progress of the healthcare sector. People are no longer required to travel long distances. This is highly advantageous to the ones in remote areas. Lack of accessibility is not a grave concern anymore. During the widespread lockdown, lack of transportation does not stand in the way of attaining healthcare.

As more people endorse it and the healthcare providers adopt it, telehealth is not likely to go obsolete in the upcoming years.

How to enhance the facility?

Some ways to enhance the effectiveness of the facility are as follows.

  • Upgrade your technological equipment that would support telehealth applications.

  • Install the software developed by companies like SISGAIN.

  • Update your healthcare facility is compatible with telehealth.

  • Keep the medical records upgraded on the telehealth platform

  • For providers, it is important to raise awareness about telehealth among the masses.

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