SISGAIN launches a Telemedicine App- virtuMD

For the last two years, the healthcare system is facing various challenges due to the spread of COVID-19 all over the world. It has been big trouble for the healthcare system to provide good quality and speedy medical care facilities to their patients. In the past two years, we have seen a lot of hospitalizations due to various symptoms of COVID-19 which made it difficult for people suffering from other diseases to visit the hospitals and receive on-time treatment which lead to worsening of patients’ s medical conditions. Medical systems are indeed under a lot of pressure since the COVID-19 breakout.  The pandemic has played havoc with the medical care system by distressing the overall process of patient monitoring.

To overcome these hurdles in the medical sector SISGAIN has developed a telemedicine app known by the name virtuMD. To understand the working of the virtuMD app, we first need to understand the meaning of Telemedicine.

Telemedicine is a field of providing healthcare. It utilizes technology for maintaining communication between the patient and the doctor, without them being in the same room. It enables the patients to connect to the doctors through digital technology like video conferencing, calls, text/chat using mobile devices or computers and helps them receive in real-time. The patients must have a reliable internet connection and cellular devices like smartphones, or computers.

virtuMD is one such telemedicine app that is developed by SISGAIN, a healthcare software developer company. SISGAIN has developed this app to ease the process of providing remote patient monitoring services to the patients. This apps helps the doctors in managing the health conditions of the patients suffering from a chronic illness using IoT technology and helps to transmit the data to other healthcare systems safely and securely.

Nowadays, patients and doctors, all over the world are investing in telemedicine apps to provide medical solutions to patients. Virtua has features like remote patient monitoring, Book Online or In-clinic appointments, Privatize clinic patient data, online payment options, and so on. virtuMD doctors the convenience of keeping a track of the patient’s health.

Features and Benefits of virtuMD App

1.       Patient and Doctor Portal: Patients and doctors can register themselves in the virtuMD app. After the registration, the patients’ and doctors’ portals will get created. These portals are password secure and let the patients and doctors send and receive emails from each other. Patients can share their lab test outcomes with the doctors. These portals enable the patients in receiving speedy treatments.

2.   Appointment Management: Inpatient monitoring and In-clinic appointments, it is very common to sometimes forget the appointment. virtuMD comes with calendar and reminder notification integration which reminds the patients whenever they have an appointment. It also enables the doctors to view patients’ requests for appointments. virtuMD app has the feature where one can filter the requirements. It also enables both the patients and the doctors to cancel appointments in case of any emergency.

3.   Electronic Health Records: In the traditional way of storing a patient’s medical records, often a lot of paperwork is needed to be done.  With the virtuMD app, we can store the medical records of the patients electronically. This saves time for both patients and doctors. Once the EHR is recorded there is no need to repeat the process as the data can be shared with different healthcare systems for better diagnosis of a condition.

4.   Remote Patient Monitoring Service: In today’s world, people don’t have time to go to the doctor for checkups. Also, for people living in the countrysides, it has been a challenge to get early medical facilities. But with virtuMD, SISGAIN provides remote patient monitoring software which enables the doctors to treat the patients virtually and remotely.

5.   Book Online Appointments: With the virtuMD app patients no more have to stand in long queues or wait for long hours to receive medical care. The patients can book an appointment online as soon as they see the symptoms. These online appointments can be booked from anywhere in the world. All you need to have is a good internet-connected and a smartphone.

6. Virtual Consultations: Once the booking of the appointment is done through the virtuMD app enables the doctors and patients to have interaction through video calls, emails, text messages, and voice calls. As soon as the patient sends the email, it will be visible on the doctor's portal or dashboard. The doctors will receive the email, messages in the form of notification. 

7.       Easy Online Payment: virtuMD has this feature of paying through different portals. The patients can now pay securely through integrated payment systems.

8.       Increased Delivery process: The delivery of medical care facilities has been slow in the conventional system. virtuMD provides quick medical facilities and helps the patient in getting speedy treatments in less time. This enables fast recovery of the patients and the condition doesn’t get worse.

9. E-prescriptions: Unlike the traditional setting, doctors can now prepare and provide the prescription electronically to their patients. These e-prescriptions can be forwarded to pharmacies which can aid patients in providing proper medications. 

SISGAIN understands its responsibility to help the healthcare systems in providing better and improved medical benefits. virtuMD has proved to be a successful telemedicine app that benefits its users in various ways.

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