SISGAIN Offers Blood Glucose Monitoring through Its virtuMD App

Since the beginning of the pandemic, people were avoiding going to labs for any kind of tests. This had become difficult for people who need to regularly keep a track of their health parameters like blood glucose level, oxygen level, and other vital signs. To make the process of measuring health parameters easy for the patients, healthcare providers like SISGAIN developed remote patient monitoring devices like the Blood glucose monitoring feature in its virtuMD app.

What is Blood Glucose Monitoring?

Blood glucose monitoring is the utilization of a glucose meter for testing the congregation of glucose in the blood. Especially significant in managing and tracking diabetes, a blood glucose test is ordinarily performed by penetrating the skin to draw blood, then, at that point, applying the blood to a synthetically dynamic dispensable 'test-strip'.

Blood Glucose monitoring is very significant for individuals having diabetes as it is very helpful in determining, managing, and controlling the medication strength adjustment and warning the individuals about the danger of hypoglycemia, which will help you avoid any kind of emergency.  Some conceivable devices can be used to deal with the problems of hypoglycemia and provide us with a regular update on checking blood glucose. The blood glucose levels should be observed at various spans when eating. This will assist your primary care physician with keeping an update on how you exercise, what you eat, and how the medication is influencing your glucose levels.

These days people use portable and handy blood glucose meters which are known as glucometers. SISGAIN has developed three types of glucometers:

·         Invasive monitoring: It is how a finger is pricked with a lancet and droplets of blood are poured on the test strip with the help of a small needle. Then, the strip is placed in the glucometer which then reads and displays the blood glucose level.

·         Non-Invasive monitoring: This glucometer is used in concluding the glucose levels without the need to prick the finger for blood.

·         Continuous glucose monitor: This glucometer is used to measure the blood glucose level of people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes to manage their blood glucose levels.

 The blood monitoring meters consist of strips, small needles, or lancets, to prick your finger, a device to hold the needle, and a logbook where the patients can download the readings onto their computer.

This helps them in keeping an update or checking their blood glucose level by pricking a small space on your fingertip and analyzing with a small amount of blood.

In glucometers, a lancet is provided to prick the fingertip and to obtain blood. As the blood sugar level changes with time, you have to measure it using the meter to know the current status of your blood glucose level.

Blood Glucose monitoring devices are available at the doctor’s office, pharmacy, online stores, and other medical stores. These vary in cost and size from place to place.

 Use the Glucometers with Safety

Using glucometers one can easily measure their blood glucose level anywhere at any time. The best thing is the results are displayed in less than a minute. Individuals must follow a certain routine to prevent infections, attain precise results and manage blood sugar levels with any difficulty. Given below are a few steps one must follow to get accurate results while using an Invasive glucometer:

  • Always keep a glucometer kit if you are a diabetic patient.
  • Make sure that the strips you are using are not expired to receive accurate results.
  • Regularly check your blood glucose level result.
  • Don’t share the kit especially the needle with other patients. Once used dispose of the needle, strip, and lancet after every use.

Check the glucose levels when you are fasting and before and after the meal. A good glucose level reading must come between, 80 to 130 milligrams/deciliter (mg/dl) and below 180 mg/dl after meals.

How accurate are glucometers?

Though there is no doubt that glucometers give accurate results to be more sure people can check it at the hospitable with the blood sugar level measuring machine in the proper care of the doctor. Patients can check their blood glucose reading by logging it and keeping a track of it. This will also aid your primary physician to know about the cause of blood glucose level fluctuation.

How to choose the right glucometer?

Taking a regular update or Keeping a track of your blood glucose level is a healthy habit. It supports and gives balance to our dietary practices and Albeit gathering the blood sample might be a bit awkward, the advanced spring-loaded lancet monitors make the process effortless and convenient.

Benefits of Blood glucose monitoring

There are various benefits of introducing this feature in virtuMD app. SISGAIN has made sure to provide the following benefits to its patients. 

·         The benefit of measuring the blood glucose level with glucometers is that it makes the patients independent by letting them keep a track of their blood glucose levels.

·         It permits the doctors to make significant decisions regarding the medication dosage, exercise, and diet.

·         The routine check of blood sugar levels helps the patient in knowing when their blood level is too high or too low.

·         Measuring blood glucose levels will also provide an advantage to your physician to calculate the target range for your blood glucose based on your age, health, and diet. Keeping the blood glucose in the target range will save you from emergencies.

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