Storing Patients Medical History and Documents through Telemedicine apps

Telemedicine apps have diverse features installed in them. All these features help patients as well as doctors to undertake and accomplish various tasks. A very important feature of these apps is the accurate and proper documentation of patients’ medical records. SISGAIN developers have incorporated this feature in their virtuMD app. This feature ensures that the medical information of a patient remains secure and doesn’t fall into any wrong hands. It is very important for the healthcare industry to protect the patients’ data in order to make sure they don’t fall into wrong hands such as access to third parties. It boosts the confidence of the patients when their medical documents are well-maintained and protected. It also helps the doctors to get more patients in the long run. The reason is patients gain trust and confidence in the doctors and they maintain their loyalty. Along with this, they give good reviews and feedback to doctors on telemedicine apps. Taking good care of your patient medical history and documents help you in getting saved from any legal hassles.

How to take care of patient medical records?

  • Physicians must take care that excessive charting is done and every information must be included in the chart.

  • Doctors must give sufficient information to patients on their decision about their medical condition. They must also mention the reason behind the delay in the treatment.

  • If the patient is concerned about anything or questions anything then, an appropriate answer must be included in the chart.

  • If the patient is on any drug or medication or suffering from any allergy then it must be recorded in the chart too.

  • Patient appointments must be mentioned soon after the doctor is done with the appointment.

  • Patient medical records should be maintained forever, unless your attorney advises you differently.

  •  The records must keep a track of patients' health improvements, x-ray results etc.

Job Responsibilities of Medical Records and Health Information Technicians

With the introduction of telemedicine apps in the healthcare sector, the number of jobs has not just increased for the patients but for there is a need for people who can look into the medical records of the patients. For this, we basically need a medical records technician. They make sure that the patient medical record and documents are accurate and precise. Earlier, the medical industry used to document the medical records of the patients on paper. This led to the storage of a large number of files. The medical staff cannot get rid of those files as they can need them at any time even after a long period. The digitalization of medical records helped the medical industry in getting rid of the tension of storing all those files. Each patient’s medical data is now stored electronically and there is no such tension of losing the data or any file. The medical record technicians can update the data as soon as they get to know something about a patient’s health in order to not miss or forget it. These specialists are dependable in confirming and arranging records of the patients. These records will be the underpinning of the electronic data set.

Physical medical history and documents of a patient are hard to maintain and take up a lot of space. They can cause a lot of trouble to medical staff as well as the patient in case the files get lost. In the digitalization of patient medical history and documents, it is easy to keep a backup of the same and can be made secure following some rules and regulations. Those which are inactive should be carefully stored as well and should be easy to retrieve when needed. Patient medical records can be stored electronically. Our focus is on the user's ability to access patient information from all systems in real-time, through a single sign-on, at any place and any time with our system.

Subsequent to gathering and characterizing every one of the points of interest connected with the patients, these professionals need to enter these subtleties in the EHR (electronic health record). There are numerous data that must be recorded, and a portion of these incorporate the patient's clinical history, insights about the side effects, which are the principal explanation for looking for clinical assistance, and in the event that any actual tests have been done, the outcomes will likewise be recorded. Aside from these, a few other data that these professionals need to record are doctor's analysis, treatment plans endorsed by the doctor, nursing notes, research centre outcomes and x-beam results, and consent forms as well.

The clinical records and health-related data professionals need to ensure that the data, which is recorded carefully ought to finish as well as definite. Their works start with looking into the paper reports and ensuring that every one of the structures is completed, marked and furthermore distinguished. After checking the data, these data must be placed in the EHR. Further health-related data experts need to keep up with and update the electronic data set consistently. These experts should likewise be comfortable with the product that is utilized for this reason. There are various specializations that this area incorporates. These incorporate clinical coders, clinical billers, clinical transcriptionists and secretaries. This large number of fields accompany their own sort of liabilities.

To make a profession as a medical record technician, data experts must get legitimate instruction and training. There are a few establishments to prepare medical technicians for taking up a task in this area.

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