Telehealth vs Telemedicine Overview: What’s the Difference?

Telehealth vs Telemedicine Overview: What’s the Difference?


The new era of Telehealth, Telemedicine is widely promoting long-distance patient health-care, medical guidance, universal health, and health administration amenities by utilizing advance telecommunication technologies that supports and manages consumer requirements. This electronic dissemination apparently helps in bridging interpersonal coordination between the provider and the consumer, patient’s custody experience, and reduces health centers admissions and fetching of cost without an in-person visit. Although the terms telemedicine and telehealth are often used as identical twins, there is a slight difference between the two.


What Do you Understand by Telehealth & Telemedicine?


Telehealth refers to the information, Telehealth education, and health maintenance services in an extensive line of providing remote tracking of vital signs, e-prescribed remote doctor consultation treatments to bind specific medical therapy by activating remote digital detection of variation in current health situation which can be altered as reported by the patient.


Telemedicine introduces the use of material technologies and electronic reliable conveyance of medical imaging, remote health diagnosis and transformation, and video counseling with specialists to provide digital clinical services to the patients. 


Our Telemedicine software is embedded in applications like follow-up visits, remote incurable disease management, distant post-hospitalization care, preventative care support, school-based telehealth, and assisted living center support.


SISGAIN fabricates important care features to interpret clinical operations on telemedicine platforms. The provision of different management for web and mobile application portrays a contrasting outlook and arresting vision to the flow of our flawless application. 

The striking evolution of our healthcare frameworks is ruling over chronic conditions,  expert consultation medication management, and other clinical services that are hosted remotely via secure audio and video connections.


Most Bizarre Benefits to Adopt Telemedicine in your Practice 


Telehealth is accelerated to beat the barriers in healthcare services induced by distant communication, access to reliable transportation, fragmentation of charge due to delay in appointments, and lack of provider’s availability by the following ease:


  • More convenient and accessible Patient Care

  • Reduce Healthcare Cost Savings

  • Extended Specialists and referring Physician Access

  • Escalated Patient Engagement and satisfaction

  • Improves delivery of Quality patient care

  • Enhanced Face-to-Face Medication tradition


Key Challenges and Crisis Routing Ultimate Cause to Future Issues


Telemedicine commits the swift growing over the ages and has transparent comforts but it still gives rise to some technical and practical issues hindering telehealth growth for the healthcare providers.


  • Inadequate and Tricky telemedicine Parity Laws and Policies

  • Troubleshooting Medicare Reimbursement Rules

  • A decrease in Personal Consultations and counseling

  • Reduced Routine care continuity

  • Ensuring Big-Data Integration from the patient’s medical record

  • Lack of Electronic Health Record assimilation


Actions to Expand Telemedicine Solution & Recovery to Healthcare Deals


The benefits of the latest telemedicine initiatives are derived by practicing numerous quick-fixed strides in context to improve patient morale and most effective work performance solutions.


  • Reducing healthcare costs by crucially diminishing Medical Cost.

  • Significant depletion in First Aid Claims associated with Minor workplace injuries. 

  • Lowering Indirect Healthcare Cost by claiming customization and insurance rate.

  • Average Savings on work camp premiums by maintaining Claim Free Ratings.

  • Uplifting Practical Efficiency and Business Revenues.

  • Allocating advance access to Healthcare Services for the ultimate Patient Experience.


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