With an advancement in technology, there has been a significant rise in the healthcare sector, especially through the introduction of telehealth facilities. Telehealth facilities involve the extension of healthcare and related activities using the digital media. One can now access medical facilities efficiently and at ease. 

SISGAIN is a renowned provider of telemed services to the masses as it has developed a functional software that would facilitate the provision of clinical necessities. It has extended white label telehealth solutions to providers from various parts of the world like USA, UK, Ghana and Canada. The application developed by SISGAIN is both android and IOS compatible and has a user-friendly interface.

What is teleradiology?

Teleradiology is broadly defined as the branch of telemedicine that involves the transfer of a patient’s confidential reports like X-rays, scans and MRIs from one location to the other for the purpose of consultation with other physicians or medical practitioners. This has contributed immensely towards the development in the healthcare sector. Transmission of medical data is crucial while treating a patient. It has enabled radiologists to provide healthcare without being present at the required location. In other words, it has facilitated remote provision of services in the field.

Why teleradiology?

This particular branch of telemedicine has a significant effect on the working of the healthcare sector. It has benefited the patients as well as the service providers. Some of the important advantages of teleradiology are discussed below.

  • Efficient access to healthcare

It has facilitated remote access to medical reports. Often, the ones residing in rural areas were devoid of basic medical essentials. With the introduction of teleradiology, everyone can access their medical reports even from far away locations. It has even solved the issue of insufficient radiologists.


  • Cost savings

Traditional methods of radiology were complex and required a lot of manual and paperwork. As a result, the cost was comparatively higher. However, with the introduction of teleradiology, one could easily transfer medical data.


  • Improved radiology services

The recent survey portrays that both patients and medical professionals prefer teleradiology over the traditional methods. The driving factor behind this was the increased efficiency and high effectiveness. Also, the practitioners could transmit the data to other practitioners seeking opinion. This has resulted in higher proficiency and smoothness in workflow.


  • Decline in time consumption

As more people tend to shift to teleradiology, the time consumption is highly reduced as the methods of healthcare are conducted digitally. Thus, the digital platform plays a vital role in teleradiology.


The effect of Covid-19

With the outbreak of the pandemic, there has been a significant change in our lives.  As the means of healthcare shifted to the digital platform, there has been a rise in the level of proficiency in the sector. Thus, listed below are the few advantages of teleradiology during the time of the coronavirus.


  1. Remote benefits

Radiologists are in high demand during the pandemic. Teleradiology allows the medical professional to transmit medical reports from one location to another, using the digital platform. This is done while staying in isolation. The pandemic has pushed everyone to their edge and thus, it is advisory to stay in quarantine while performing necessary tasks to reduce the chances of community transmission.


  1. Access to different medical opinions

The medical records can be sent to other professionals in the same field to seek opinion on the subject. This ensures higher stability and proficiency in the workflow. Thus, it gives access to the medical professionals to interpret the data and help the patients as required.


  1. Forming an effective framework

At the time of a crisis like the pandemic, teleradiologists have gained considerable momentum. Teleradiology covers the insufficiency of radiologists and the actions are highly functional involving lesser complexities. Thus, it has extended unmatched aid to the patients in need.

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