The Booming Rise of Telemedicine in Covid-19 Pandemic

The novel Coronavirus has the world on edge. The recent epidemic of infections has triggered anxiety and concern worldwide. Forced by the limits that covid-19 exceeded, both healthcare providers and primary care doctors are adopting Telehealth as a tool to fight the coronavirus. The deadly spreading virus demands for more digital medical resources, and started acquiring more and more usage of Telehealth services to prioritize the sick and keep the troubled out of already-crowded medical facilities.

SISGAIN delivers the best patient care with a seamless set-up of HIPAA compliant telemedicine software development that also empowers the concept of social distancing. It helps to keep people away from clinics and stay at home to keep themselves safe and unexposed. 

Telehealth expanding the benefits for patients and doctors

Fortunately, the healthcare industry already had a spotlight of a solution known as Telehealth Technology. The remote monitoring service that does not require a traditional clinical setup. The emerging healthcare emergency has asked people to remain in self-quarantine and has given scope to telehealth to go mainstream. This is how telehealth can help:- 

  • Coronavirus Exposure Frameworks: Minimising the risk to healthcare workers , CDC and WHO advises that the best way to prevent coronavirus infection is to avoid the spread. Our Telehealth systems allow people to stay in self-quarantine and seek diagnosis through tools such as video conferencing, remote monitoring, wearable & sensors safety, tele-education.

Telehealth reduces the spread of infection to others, including doctors and staff who are at grave risk because they may be exposed to higher doses of the virus in a crowded healthcare facility. Being able to connect and diagnose remotely helps to keep people free from communicable germs, and ultimately helps more patients.

  • Healthcare Professionals to accommodate more patients: In a widespread coronavirus outbreak, it is a serious concern for doctors and staff to accommodate patients who need to get them checked. Providers even can’t turn their back in the time of crisis that demands immediate attention.

Telehealth offers an effective on-demand solution, where doctors can conduct diagnosis on video conferencing at any available time. The diagnosis may take 10 to 15 minutes, followed by a call to prescription and follow-up for those already under their care. Tele-monitoring helps doctors to accommodate more patients who are seriously virus affected looking for guidance and other urgent care screenings.

  • Telehealth encounters the latest tech: Healthcare technology is always on its balance to meet modern demands. Modern telehealth services give better protection, deliver care and accommodate more patients remotely. Telehealth solutions always get an update to incorporate interoperability features, telecommunication technology, reimbursement rates, and patient outcomes.

  • Convenience in healthcare practice: Virus outbreak has put doctors and staff on the front line and they bear the burden of increased appointments and the risk of getting an infection. They are also one of us and need to protect themselves from the infection. Telehealth helps them perform their responsibility without any risk of getting an infection. Televisit provides them time to connect more people, and curb the risk of exposure to patients as well as healthcare providers.


The Future of Telemedicine 

Telemedicine which makes use of the internet for more personal link between the patients and providers, is growing rapidly. E-health, m-health & telehealth are often being traded for virtual healthcare treatments. While telemedicine is an inveterate service and the popularity of this tool is still expanding.  

No one knows when and how the health emergency will end. Every nation is doing its best to fight coronavirus. But, it might get even worse than what we have seen till now. The emergency demands support and unity by staying at a distance from each other. People are requested to remain in home quarantine and not to panic because Remote monitoring and televisit undoubtedly offer convenient access to care, and guidance you need. It saves others from the exposure to infection and helps reduce the spread of infection.

If you are looking for telehealth strategies to keep your clinic afloat and continue serving patient with utmost care during these crucial times, We are one of the leading “Telehealth ‘Lifeline’ in the midst of Coronavirus Outbreak” that would help you get in-depth knowledge of latest advancements in telemedicine provisions and its relevance amid health emergencies. You can also request the demo directly from SISGAIN.

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