virtuMD offers E-prescriptions to Patient Pharmacy Front Desk

In the era of the pandemic, it is not convenient for patients to go to pharmacies with a printed or hand-written prescription. Pharmacies are usually crowded with people and as people go there to buy medicines after visiting a doctor’s clinic or hospital, it is very likely to get the COVID-19 disease easily if any one of the people standing there is infected with it. Even there is a risk of pharmacists being infected from COVID-19. To ensure the safety of its patients and to lower the risk of spreading COVID-19, SISGAIN has launched the virtuMD app. This app has various features like booking online appointments, virtual consultations, uploading and exchanging medical-related documents, remote patient monitoring, and generating e-prescriptions to the patient pharmacy front desk. In this article, we will understand the meaning of e-prescription, its working, and its benefits.

What is E-prescribing?

E-Prescribing is characterized as the course of electronically creating and sending a medicine request, so doctors and other clinical professionals can communicate an electronic prescription to a drug store straightforwardly from the point of care. E-Prescribing enhances accuracy, improves patient wellbeing and quality of care since there is no need for a handwritten prescription for the pharmacist to recognize the medicines that the doctor has prescribed.

Why were E-prescriptions introduced as a feature in virtuMD?

Earlier, handwritten prescriptions were given to the patients by the physicians. They were used as the primary means of communication between the pharmacists and the physicians. We are well aware of doctors’ handwriting and only pharmacists can understand what appears on the paper. For a common man, it is very difficult to identify the medicines. All they were left with was the choice of believing the medicines they provide and eating them according to instructions given. But over time, people have become more cautious and they want a way to read about and understand the name of the medicines they are taking. To resolve these issues SISGAIN’s virtuMD app was developed to provide the ease where the patients can also know about the medicines they are taking.

Subsequently, the utilization of electronic prescriptions was advanced for lessening medicine mistakes in drug stores brought about by messy handwritten prescriptions. E-prescriptions are produced inside e-prescribing frameworks and are electronically communicated to drug stores employing a protected network among prescribers and pharmacies. E-recommending includes direct PC to PC transmission of prescriptions from doctor workplaces to local area pharmacies.

The main objective of featuring E-prescription in virtuMD was to allow smooth processing of prescriptions without the need for paper. The utilization of e-prescribing frameworks has prompted an expansion in the number of e-prescriptions being handled at drug stores. The community pharmacists are concerned about the patient security ramifications of new sorts of medication mistakes and data oversights brought about by the utilization of e-prescribing.

How does the E-prescription platform work?

An e-prescription platform is either an integrated platform that is merged with the EHR or can stand alone. A wide network of pharmacies is connected and a list is provided from where the doctors can choose their patient’s pharmacy.  From that point, doctors can enter data about the medicine. The platform will likewise allow you to interface with the patient's records so the prescription is associated with the right patient. When the physician presents the remedy data, the platform sends it to a center point, where it is checked. The center point will affirm that the prescription is related to the right person. Once everything is verified, the platform will send the prescription to the drug store to be filled.

While creating an e-prescription, the EHR or e-prescribing software is used by the physicians to enter the details of their patient’s prescriptions into devices like tablets, laptops, or desktop computers. Once the details or the names of the medication are filled in, the doctors send it to the pharmacy electronically. Once the pharmacists receive the e-prescriptions, they provide the medications required by the patients.

Benefits of E-prescriptions

  • Convenience: In the traditional setting, patients have to wait for long for the physician to write the prescription and then have to take the prescription to the pharmacy. With the e-prescription feature in virtuMD, the information is directly sent to the pharmacists.
  •  Reduced Paper Records: E-prescriptions are stored electronically and require no need for paperwork. This has reduced the use of paper in medical firms. Also, the fear of losing or duplicating a handwritten prescription is no more among the patients.
  •  Reduction in Errors and callbacks: Usually doctors are supposed to get calls back from pharmacies as their handwriting is difficult to interpret, so to avoid errors the pharmacists used to reject the prescription or call with questions. Sometimes, patients mistake one medication for another which can lead to other side effects or problems.  With e-prescriptions, there is no such issue as every detail is filed electronically. 
  • Better Management of Controlled Substances: E-prescriptions develop computerized documentation, which can make it more straightforward for providers to see themes of substance misuse.
  • Fulfillment Tracking: At the point when you provide patients with a paper script, there is no way of knowing whether or not they chose to fill it. Utilizing an e-prescribing platform permits you to check whether patients finished filling their prescriptions.

SISGAIN is glad to provide an excellent feature of e-prescription programming through its virtuMD APP to clients all over the world. The whole system is protected and ensured where different Medical Tests between the various drug stores are completed, imaging focuses are incorporated, protection assurance is dealt with and other medical services vendors are likewise included.


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