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The healthcare industry has revolutionised over the last few years. The way healthcare providers and patients interact has undergone a lot of change. The introduction of healthcare apps has brought about the trend of digital health. Digital is the new way of availing of healthcare services. Did you ever think you could connect with a doctor with your mobile phone? Or could you have a diagnosis over a virtual meeting? All this is made possible with telemedicine apps. A telemedicine app development company like SISGAIN is responsible for building innovative apps that help doctors and patients.

In this blog, we will discuss what telemedicine apps are. We will further discuss the features and costs of a telemedicine app. I am sure that after you read this blog, you will know exactly what telemedicine apps are. You will also learn why you should get one for your healthcare services. So, read till the end to learn about our telemedicine app development services.

What Are Telemedicine Apps?

To exactly know the meaning of telemedicine apps, let’s look at the meaning of telemedicine first. Telemedicine is basically the delivery of healthcare services through electronic devices. This is used when there is physical distance between the doctor and the patient. Telemedicine uses communication technology to connect patients and doctors. A patient can use a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or computer to connect with a healthcare provider.

I am sure you must have understood what telemedicine is. Let us now look at what telemedicine apps are. Telemedicine apps are digital solutions that can be installed on mobile devices. A patient can create an account and use the app to avail themselves of virtual health services. These apps have multiple features and functionalities. Telemedicine apps can be paid or free.

According to Statista, the mobile health market is expected to grow in the coming years. By 2025, it is expected to exceed 300 billion dollars. You can give the COVID-19 pandemic credit for popularising telemedicine app development. The COVID pandemic led to the development of remote service solutions. As everyone was confined to their homes, there was a need for virtual solutions that could connect people with doctors. This also led to a huge demand for telemedicine app development services.

Telehealth and telemedicine are two terms people often get confused about. If you are one of them, then learn the difference between telehealth and telemedicine . Let us move on and look at some common features of telemedicine apps.

Common Features Of Telemedicine Apps

Our telemedicine software development company is renowned for developing feature-rich apps. There are different features for doctors and patients. There are also some common features as well. Read on to know about app features for patients and doctors.

Telemedicine App Features For Patients:

➤ Registration and profile creation

To use any telemedicine app, users have to create a profile first. They can sign in using their Gmail or social accounts. Profile creation is necessary as the app needs to store user data. Most of the apps have two-step verification that enhances the security of personal data. As a patient, you must fill in your personal information correctly. Your medical history helps doctors review your health.

➤ Video conferencing

Video conferencing is a common feature that you can find in telemedicine apps. This feature allows patients and healthcare providers to connect instantly. Users just need to have an electronic device and network connection. As a telemedicine app development company, we develop innovative video conferencing features.

➤ Text messaging

Text messaging helps when there are small issues to discuss. Patients can share images and documents with their medical supervisors and consult them. Doctors are not always available for video conferencing. Therefore, dropping text messages will allow them to reply at a later time.

➤ Payment systems

When a patient uses virtual healthcare services, they need to pay for them virtually as well. Therefore, our telemedicine software development services include the integration of multiple payment gateways. You can pay using a debit card, credit card, or any other method.

➤ Reviews and ratings

The rating system feature allows patients to rate their virtual health experience. As a patient, you can give stars to the services you receive from a certain doctor. This helps other users find a reputable and worthy physician.

The rating can scale from one to five, with one being poor services and five being excellent services.

➤ Appointment booking

Appointment booking is the most important feature of telemedicine software development. Patients can book an appointment as per the availability of doctors. Patients can also cancel their appointments, and cancellation charges may apply.

➤ Medication reminders

This feature helps patients take their medicines on time. A busy schedule can make people forget about their medicine. A telemedicine app with notifications for medicine reminders can help users never miss their medicines.

Telemedicine App Features For Doctors:

➤ Doctor profiles

Doctors are required to create profiles, just like patients are. Doctors should include their qualifications, work experience, area of expertise, charges, and availability on their profile. Patients select doctors based on their profiles and ratings. If a doctor’s profile lacks proper information, they are less likely to be approached.

➤ Appointment scheduling

This feature allows doctors and practitioners to schedule a virtual appointment. Doctors get appointment requests from patients all the time. Therefore, this feature helps doctors schedule appointments on a priority basis.

➤ Virtual consultations

Our telemedicine app development company creates apps that help doctors virtually consult with their patients. Remote health is made possible with virtual consultations.

➤ EHRs

Electronic health records help doctors access and manage patient medical histories and lab results. They can also go through the treatment plans and offer better services.

➤ Prescription management

This feature in telemedicine software development helps doctors generate prescriptions for patients and directly send them to pharmacies. It also helps doctors keep tabs on patient's medication schedules. It reminds them when they need to renew their medical prescriptions.

➤ Communication channels

Our telemedicine app development services also include developing smooth communication channels for doctors as well. Doctors can reach out to patients via text message. They can also video call for a more enhanced conversation experience.

Final Thoughts On Telemedicine App Development

Telemedicine apps have become ubiquitous. They are increasingly being used to promote faster and more effective healthcare services. Patients and doctors can connect easily with each other. Remote health services have been made possible with telemedicine apps. A telemedicine app has many features. Patients and doctors can communicate easily with each other. A telemedicine software development company builds solutions that can help healthcare providers improve efficiency.

SISGAIN is a top telemedicine app development company. We have developed multiple solutions for the healthcare sector. We have developed telemedicine apps for clients from many countries. Our telemedicine app development services are known for their efficiency. If you also want innovative features for your telemedicine app, connect with our telemedicine app development company today. Let us build an innovative and lucrative solution for your services.

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