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Mobile applications are easing the way of life. There are apps for almost everything. From online shopping to planning a whole itinerary, apps make everything possible. mHealth, or mobile health, is not a new concept. Medical apps for doctors and patients are revolutionizing the healthcare sector.

Healthcare apps make it easy for patients to communicate with doctors, book appointments, have online consultations, and much more. This article will cover the best medical apps for doctors and patients and discuss their features and customer reviews. Read till the end to not miss out on any apps!

What is a medical app?

Medical apps are mobile applications that are built for doctors, patients, nurses, and healthcare practitioners. These apps enable quick and easy access to medical facilities. These apps can be used on smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, etc. Healthcare app development companies build robust and customer-centric apps that help both doctors and patients.

Medical apps fall into two categories - medical apps for doctors and medical apps for patients. Following is a list of popular medical apps for both doctors and patients.

The top 12 medical apps for doctors and patients


Medscape, offered by WebMD LLC, is a go-to medical app to get quick clinical answers. Medscape offers you medical news and resources, clinical technologies and tools, medical podcasts, CME/CE activities, and much more.

With a 4.3 rating on the Google Play Store, Medscape has more than 5 million downloads.

  • ⦾ 450+ medical calculators
  • ⦾ Pill identifier, drug interaction checker, and detailed procedural videos
  • ⦾ Current prescribing and safety information on 9,200+ prescriptions, OTC drugs, and herbals
  • ⦾ Latest news and expert commentary on 30 specialities
Customer reviews:

“I absolutely love this app. I've used it since nursing school, and I find it so helpful on the floor. It is a better resource than before, thanks to the recent updates."Review by Chris Dodson:


Epocrates is another mobile app for medical professionals. It is offered by Epocrates, Inc. It has over 1 million downloads and a 4.1 rating on the Google Play Store.

  • ⦾ Prevent negative interactions between up to 30 name-brand, generic, over-the-counter, or alternative medications
  • ⦾ Pill identifiers that organize pills by shape, color, imprint code, etc.
  • ⦾ 600+ dosing calculators, medical equations, and tools
  • ⦾ Formularies: drug coverage for 6,600+ U.S. insurance plans, by state
Customer reviews:

Daisy Nwosu wrote, “Absolutely necessary for any health care professional. As a nursing student, I vouch for this app. I recommend every healthcare professional get it and use it as often as possible. Love it.”


VisualDX is an app for clinicians. It is a visual reference app that contains images of different diseases and conditions. It uses AI technology to help doctors and clinicians find symptoms and quickly diagnose their patients. It is a subscription-based app and has over 100k downloads and a rating of 4.2 on the Google Play Store.

  • ⦾ Build custom differentials across dermatology, internal medicine, paediatrics, and more
  • ⦾ Involve patients by sending images of their skin that accurately depict the course of their illness.
  • ⦾ Access therapy and best test options from handbook-length summaries of more than 3,200 diagnoses across all medicines
  • ⦾ Use public health resources to identify infectious diseases and travel-related illnesses quickly.
Customer reviews:

"Awesome app that helps doctors find conditions, validate diagnoses, and access the most recent clinical guidelines. Clear information, excellent images, and simple navigation." - Christine Lam


Doximity is another popular app used by doctors, nurses, practitioners, and pharmacists. This app allows healthcare providers to interact with each other, exchange information, compare salaries, etc. Another feature of Doximity is that it allows doctors to call their patients discreetly without revealing their personal phone numbers. It has over 100k downloads and a 4.6 rating on the Google Play Store.

  • ⦾ Free, secure, and simple telemedicine tools
  • ⦾ Call patients without using *67
  • ⦾ Voice and video call
  • ⦾ clinical news in your specialty
  • ⦾ Use specialization, location, and clinical interests to find clinicians.
  • ⦾ Send HIPAA secure faxes from anywhere
Customer reviews:

"The app has been very helpful for me as a solo practitioner because it allows me to make and receive phone calls and faxes when I am not in the office." - Melissa Frederiksen


WebMD is another useful app for patients that helps to check symptoms, learn about drugs, research diagnosis and treatment, find doctors in the local area, and set medicine reminders. It has over 10 million downloads and a 4.3 rating on the Google Play Store.

  • ⦾ Symptom checker and tracker help learn about potential medical conditions and track symptoms over time
  • ⦾ Medication reminders help you take medicines on time
  • ⦾ Find the nearest doctor by city and state
  • ⦾ Learn about various medical conditions, their symptoms, causes, and treatments
Customer reviews:

“WebMD is a great app. I have used it multiple times and loved it every time. Highly recommended!" - Brinton Cooper

Skyscape Medical Library

The Skyscape Media Library is an app for physicians, nurses, students, and healthcare professionals. It provides medical information and resources from leading authors and medical societies. It has 100k+ downloads and a 4.3 rating on the Google Play Store.

  • ⦾ Medical calculators organized by specialty
  • ⦾ Regular news and information on various topics
  • ⦾ Evidence-based clinical information on various diseases
  • ⦾ 400 integrated dosing calculators.
  • ⦾ The most trusted medical resources
Customer reviews:

"I use this app very much. As I browse the app, there is a list of drugs with information. I'm still in the process of exploring the app, and may it help me in my journey as a nursing student.” - Alyssa Marie

Doctor on demand

Doctor on demand apps allow patients to connect face-to-face with board-certified practitioners and certified therapists. Users can connect with doctors anytime, anywhere. This app has a 4.9 rating and 1 million+ downloads on the Google Play Store.

  • ⦾ Schedule visits
  • ⦾ 24*7 availability
  • ⦾ Service is available throughout the USA
  • ⦾ Treatment for the entire family
  • ⦾ With and without insurance service
Customer reviews:

"I love this app! Appointment scheduling is always simple, fast, and effective. Doctors are knowledgeable and really want to help. Better than most in-person doctor visits I've been to for some of the same illnesses. ” -Sam Jordan


DynaMed is a medical app that was developed with clinicians in mind. It facilitates efficient and evidence-based patient care. This app is used by many healthcare providers to make day-to-day decisions. It has a 4.3 rating and 100k+ downloads on the Google Play Store.

  • ⦾ Easy to navigate
  • ⦾ Access to medical resources
  • ⦾ Disease information and diagnostic tools
  • ⦾ Regularly updated for medical news and content
Customer reviews:

"For practitioners, this app is clear and precise. Although I am new to DynaMed, I have found it to be quite helpful for patient management and quick reviews. Thank you for your efforts." - Nirmit Sheth


Amwell is another app that helps patients connect with board-certified doctors on the go. The Apple Store has rated it with a 4.9. The Amwell app helps patients receive top-notch care while sitting at home. The app can be downloaded for free, but there is a fee associated with many of their services.

  • ⦾ 24*7 on-demand service
  • ⦾ Board-certifies practitioners
  • ⦾ Urgent care provided for chronic diseases
  • ⦾ Therapy is provided for anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, etc.
Customer reviews:

“OMG! I was very afraid to use this service, but I did not want to spend hours waiting in Urgent Care for my specific problem. The intake process was surprisingly fast! And the app is very user-friendly. ”-Cynthia Brook


Talkspace is a popular app for mental health. Users can connect easily with a certified therapist and talk over text or video calls. This is a very simple app to use. Just feed in your preferences, and the app will match you with one of the therapists in your state. You can then send unlimited texts, images, and videos to the therapist. You will hear back once a day and five times a week. Talkspace has a 4.8 rating and 500k+ downloads.

  • ⦾ Licensed therapists across the US
  • ⦾ Treatment for depression, anxiety, substance abuse, stress, etc.
  • ⦾ Therapists available 24*7
  • ⦾ Unlimited texts, calls, images, and videos
  • ⦾ Instant connection with a therapist
Customer reviews:

"I had a great time using this app. Although it takes some matching and momentum with the work, it's a great way to find a professional who can work with you based on your needs and answers via the intake form. They have all been professional, and they have made me feel confident in my choices.” -Julius Baltonado

First Derm

First Derm is the best app for online dermatology. Users can consult certified dermatologists online for various skin problems. It has a 4.2 rating and app downloads. The apps make it easy and quick for users to click photos of their skin conditions and check symptoms with their AI technology.

  • ⦾ Board certified dermatologists
  • ⦾ 24/7 online customer report
  • ⦾ User data is kept anonymous
  • ⦾ Locates the nearest dermatologist and pharmacy
Customer reviews:

“I was seeking consultation for a skin rash, which I was really worried about. First Derm was a lifesaver! It saved me a lot of time by avoiding a visit to a doctor, and I could rely on the over-the-counter medication they recommended. I can recommend this app to anyone seeking consultation for their skin condition without hesitation." - Jason Miller


Teladoc is another medical app for patients. This app connects patients to doctors, therapists, dietitians, and nurses. Teladoc has 100k+ downloads and a 4.8 rating.

  • ⦾ Virtual consultations
  • ⦾ Unlimited video and phone calls
  • ⦾ Device integration for real-time data tracking
  • ⦾ Routine checkups and preventive care
  • ⦾ Managing chronic diseases
  • ⦾ Mental health, dermatology, and nutrition counseling
Customer reviews:

“Teladoc made it easy for me to receive virtual care. If not for Teladoc, I would have to locate a clinic or hospital near me and wait for long hours." -Naomi Warner


Healthcare apps have become an important part of the healthcare industry. Free medical apps for patients provide quick and efficient care. Medical apps for doctors have made it easy for doctors to deliver quick services to patients. With video consultation, patients can have virtual consultations without the need for physical visits. The above-mentioned 12 apps are some of the best medical apps for patients and doctors.

Healthcare app development has seen a surge with the growing popularity of mobile health apps. SISGAIN is a recognized healthcare mobile app development company that excels at developing cost-effective medical apps. If you want a medical app for your hospital or clinic, consult us today, and let’s discuss your requirements.

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