Application Telemedicine software in various fields

With the rise of information technology, every sector in the industry strives to upgrade. Many new practices and techniques are introduced for making our lives better. Telemedicine software has revolutionized the way oh healthcare services. It reduces the distance between clinicians and patients. Telemedicine ensures medical services to the people living in underprivileged situations and far away with no access to these services. telemedicine services save the time of people, as it eliminates the need to spend time in hospital waiting rooms and hospital queues.

What are the telemedicine services?

Telemedicine refers to rendering health-related services using telecommunication and information technology to the people living in remote and distant areas. People can avail these services by using a Smartphone or mobile devices with an internet connection.

Application of telemedicine services

There is a very wide application of telemedicine services in various fields. There are some specialist services by telemedicine. Following are some services discussed in detail:

  • Telecardiology: In this approach, the ECG is transmitted to the clinicians using telephones and wireless.
  • Telepsychiatry: In this approach, the psychiatric services are rendered using the video conferencing method of telemedicine. The patients residing in the remote areas are consulted by the psychiatrists. It is used to conduct educational programs, diagnosis of patients and providing treatment, follow up visits and also therapy management.
  • Teleradiology:  This process includes sending images such as X-rays, CT, MR and other test results from the location to the clinician situated in the other location. There are three components for this process:
  1. Sending station for images
  2. A network for transmission of images
  3. The image receiving and reviewing station

The images received are printed using the printer for ease to review. One of the crucial things is that the receiving station should be able to receive an image in high quality.

  • Telepathology:  This term was coined in the year 1981 by Ronald S.Weinstein. In this approach image, rich data of pathology is sent by the pathologist to the clinician for the purpose of rendering diagnosis to the people in remote and distant areas. This approach has been used for many applications like histopathology, for the purpose of education and research.
  • Teledermatology: This approach is used to renders medical services using audio and video communication. Patients are rendered services, education, treatment, and consultation.

There are many other services provided using telemedicine techniques. SISGAIN is offering efficient telemedicine software with high-quality image sharing and data security to healthcare providers. HIPAA regulations are followed in the development of the software.

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