Cumulative Response to Remote Patient Monitoring Services by the USA Citizens

The world is advancing with technology. Due to this, everyone in the world is learning to use new gadgets to make their life more comfortable and convenient. The healthcare industry has also undergone many changes since the pandemic has hit the world. Medical practitioners have accepted new and modern ways of telemedicine services that help them in examining the patients remotely or from a distance. This allows medical practitioners to take care of their patient’s health conditions and monitor them without being physically present at the same place.

Remote Patient Monitoring: An Overview

The practice of offering healthcare facilities using modern technologies and tracking the patient’s health to provide them guidance on taking certain measures is known as remote patient monitoring. This telemedicine service allows doctors to keep an eye on the patient’s health data and get access to it from a distance. Remote patient monitoring is considered to be an essential and integral component of the telemedicine industry.

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices are expected to grow at a rate of 12.5% per year over the next decade. When you consider the combined effects of the ageing population, the high expense of in-patient treatment and the immense demand on hospitals imposed by COVID-19, the trend is rather impressive.

More equipment for remote monitoring is being used by healthcare providers than ever before. To free up beds, many hospitals began remotely monitoring the vital signs and symptoms of both coronavirus and non-coronavirus patients.

The pie chart given below indicates how remote patient monitoring has brought a positive outcome in the healthcare industry.


Global Remote Patient Monitoring Market

The global remote patient monitoring market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 38.2 per cent between 2020 and 2025, from USD 23.2 billion in 2020 to USD 117.1 billion in 2025. The increasing population of centenarians as well as the growing requirement to enhance and extend healthcare facilities, to reduce the cost and time for telehealth services and remote patient monitoring, and introduce the benefits of RPM to minimize the burden on medical resources, advancements in telecommunications, increasing cases of chronic diseases and increasing investments in telehealth and RPM are the major factors driving the growth of this market. Regulatory differences across regions, healthcare fraud, and informal social media activities, on the other hand, are projected to limit market growth throughout the projection period.

How to Implement Painless Remote Patient Monitoring Software?

SISGAIN accepts that switching to remote care won't be easy, whether you go with an off-the-shelf, full-stack solution, create your system out of components from several suppliers, or design customized software to meet your specific needs. That is why, we have brought our virtuMD app that believes that this transformation requires both doctors and patients to be educated, as well as changes in clinical procedures and numerous integration chores to integrate all pieces of technology and applications in a ubiquitous environment. You can, however, reduce the amount of time and money spent on this global procedure.

  • Begin with a test run: Though there was a high demand for RPM services during the pandemic, not all RPM efforts came out to be successful. To eliminate crucial mistakes, start with a small group of people and progressively expand when the effort shows to improve healthcare outcomes.
  • Don't pressurize yourself to accomplish perfection: Concentrate more on the specific demands of the people who will be using your system. Create a product that is suitable for them. You can put off some changes or new functionality for a later date.
  • Organize training webinars or create video lessons: You must ensure that patients and physicians are appropriately educated to utilize the system and interpret data before releasing your remote patient monitoring software. Engage in video lessons and manuals that are in-depth. You may also use webinars to educate your employees.
  • Consider the availability of technical support in advance: It can be provided by a system vendor, the hospital's IT department, or a third-party IT firm. In any case, making tech assistance as easy as possible is critical.   Patients will stop transmitting data and healthcare professionals will stop "medicating" remote monitoring as soon as technical issues arise.
  • Find a trustworthy tech partner: Being a healthcare provider it's not always necessary to be tech-savvy, forming a long-term relationship with an IT consulting firm that specializes in healthcare software is a decent choice.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity: The coronavirus epidemic is a nightmare for the healthcare system as a whole. However, there is immense opportunity amid any crisis. COVID-19 has accelerated the uptake of remote patient monitoring, which now has widespread backing from patients to governments. RPM can help you establish your brand and increase patient engagement if you use it correctly. It is now more effective than it has ever been.

Best Company to Develop Remote Patient Monitoring Software

SISGAIN is known to be the best and a very renowned company when it comes to designing and developing unique Remote Patient Monitoring Software systems with diverse features and functions. We design RPM software solutions to fulfil the needs of the healthcare industry. Our app virtuMD features RPM software, doctors can easily offer virtual care to patients from any location, at any time. To make sure that both doctors and patients can experience hassle-free medical care, we have hired a dedicated team of developers. We have one of the most effective Remote Patient Monitoring programmes in the industry. For hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities, we offer the RPM Software programme, which allows doctors and patients to connect via text messages, phone conversations, or video calls. Our app allows you to schedule appointments, exchange and transfer patients’ data, and allow doctors to track their health.

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