Easy Yoga Steps to Practice and Boost Immunity during the Pandemic

Easy Yoga Steps to Practice and Boost Immunity during the Pandemic

The times of the novel Covid-19 are exceptionally difficult. One is going through a decline physically, mentally and financially. Thus, one requires special attention health-wise that is effective as well as economical. Yoga is one such method to increase our stamina and boost the immune system. 

Yoga, is a verified practice for centuries. It evolved around five thousand years ago in the Indian subcontinent and has been practised by a large number of people all around the globe. Experts have verified the benefits of it and have advised the endorsement of yogic practices to fight several ailments.

The coronavirus has the world in its clutches. So, we must strengthen our body and mind to fight against it. Practising hygienic methods need to be accompanied by boosting the immunity naturally. Yoga is a method to do the former and moreover, it is safe, less time consuming and economical.

Yoga is a method in which one can upgrade their vitality by staying in the comfort of their homes. During the period of isolation, it is advised to derive the benefits of yoga through self research from books and the internet. The internet is accessible to the majority and can be put to use for the purpose.

Yoga harmonizes the body with the mind, which forms a major purpose. It helps to build flexibility both physically and mentally. Yoga guru Baba Ramdev, has verified the advantageous approaches by this centuries old practice.

It can fight oxidative stress which, if not treated, will affect the blood cells. If practised properly, yoga leads to an upliftment of the working of the immunity and reduces inflammation and degeneration of tissues. Hence, it is a simple method to improve the overall well being. 

During the pandemic, it is not always possible for the patient to reach out to the medical professionals, hence one's well being is in his or her own hands. Also, one must not ignore the other safety measures and rely on any one method. With hygienic lifestyle and medical help, it is advised to take our individual measures in order to save ourselves and the community. Awareness is therefore the key.

Certain yogic postures that one must include in their daily routine or work out schedule to ensure a healthy lifestyle are as follows:


We all have heard of the term ‘Pranayama' at least once. It is the most basic and simple yogic posture. One needs to sit in a cross legged position upright while they inhale and exhale slowly. This simple breathing exercise strengthens the spinal cord and has a prominent positive effect in the working of our respiratory organs.

It boosts our immunity and instills positive energy in our mind and body. It clears congestion in the lungs and helps us to get rid of common cold. It promotes deep breathing which relieves stress. It smoothes the heart rate and relaxes the nerves, which in turn results in the rapid boost in the immune system.

Few of the pranayama are listed below.


  • Bhastrika

This simple inhale-exhale exercise, has a lot of benefits some of which include, treatment of fibrosis, repetitive cough, flu and breathlessness. It regulates our sleep schedule in order to ensure our well being, all of which have a positive effect on the immune system.


  • Kapalabharati

It is recognized as the most useful pranayama for the internal health. It relieves hypertension and anxiety to enhance our mental health, especially during the coronavirus. Other functions include the treatment of tuberculosis, cholesterol and other diseases.


  • Konasana

This angle pose, is another simple method that must be encouraged in order to fight the pandemic. It is extremely useful for people who suffer from regular back pain. It relaxes the muscles and makes the body flexible by increasing flexibility of the spine. It also burns extra fat that has culminated in our body.


  • Anulom-Vilom

This asana enables us to get rid of stress and anxiety. It solves skin related inconveniences and releases a good amount of hormones. The amount of oxygen is increased in the blood, which is necessary to fight ailments.

Matsyasana (The fish pose)

As the name suggests, inspired from fish or ‘matsya', this asana is extremely useful in strengthening immunity and increasing stamina. One needs to start from the lotus position and elevate the head. The chest needs to be risen. The legs and the arms are to be stretched yet relaxed. The position is to be held for maximum two to three minutes.

This simple asana boosts the level of energy and detoxifies the blood cells. Similarly, it opens nasal passages and helps us get rid of congestion. It therefore protects us against common cold and strengthens our muscles and immunity.

Uttanasana (Bending forward)

Uttanasana is another simple yoga posture that has more than one benefit. It maybe be simple to look at but the effect it has on the body is commendable. In order to practise this posture, one has to stand upright and then needs to bend down in order to touch the ground, for beginners, it's either the ankles or the thighs.

It is an inversion position that regulates the blood flow and boosts our immunity. It preserves the sinuses and the membranes of our body. It enhances the lungs and allows us to breathe in a relaxed way. All of these eventually have a passive effect on the immune system. 

Viparita Karani (the upright leg posture)

This position of resting the legs against the wall, stretches the muscles and regulates the respiratory procedure. This asana enables us to invert and destress the muscles. As a result, the nerves of our body relaxes and the nerve endings become more sensitive to stimuli. On the other hand, it also improves the blood circulation. 

It is quite helpful to people suffering fertility issues. However, the effectiveness of the posture simply depends on the one practising it. With proper diet,yoga and a hygienic lifestyle, one can overcome the health-related hurdles without taking professional help.

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