Reason behind increasing demand for Mobile Apps in Telehealth industry

With the advancement and growth of technology, every sector is facing a high rise and improved solutions. Healthcare sector was considered to be the most rigid sector, but with the advent of time and introduction of new technologies, it is keeping pace with the current market trends. Now people, who want medical treatment, do not need to pay a visit to the hospital or spend time in the waiting rooms of the hospitals. Mobile apps for telemedicine are reducing the gap between doctors and patients situated at different locations. 


Telemedicine refers to use of information technology and telecommunications to provide medical-related services to the people situated in a remote and distant location. This technique is very beneficial for the populations who have a shortage of necessary medical treatment facilities and also in emergency situations.

With the help of Smartphone and mobile devices, patients can use telemedicine services. The only requirement is an internet service connection.  Telemedicine helps to save time and reduce healthcare cost with better patient care.

Classification of Telemedicine services

  • Video conferencing: The patients can get real-time consultation from the clinician by communication on a video call. This approach saves the time of both patients and doctors.
  • Remote patient monitoring: In this approach, patients are able to self-monitor and send medical information to doctors to seek treatment.  This approach is beneficial in conditions like diabetes, heart-related issues, asthma where the patient is able to record and share vitals for remote treatment. It is also helping to create health awareness among individuals and encourage self-care.
  • Store and forward services: These services involve storing medical data, images, test results of patients and sharing them with the doctors. In this approach, the presence of both the patient and the doctor is not necessary. They can access the data offline. These treatments are mostly based on the patient’s history and other given information.
  • Mobile health: In this approach of telemedicine devices like mobile phones, tablets and wearable devices are used to collect and transmit data to doctors to seek healthcare services.         

The need for Telemedicine Applications

The main objective behind telemedicine is to provide healthcare services to the population who have a scarcity of medical attention and do not have access to hospitals or doctors. But after the introduction of the internet and increased usage of Smartphone, these services become popular in developing countries. Telemedicine services are an easy medium to save time and avoid long queues in the waiting rooms of the hospitals. People use these services in situations that are minor but need immediate medical attention. There are less no show meeting and last time cancellations. It also increases the efficiency of healthcare providers as there are fewer burdens on the hospital staff due to fewer crowds in hospitals.

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