SISGAIN provides Assistance to People through the Feature of Oxygen Monitoring in Its virtuMD App

The Remote Patient Monitoring program has already centered its place in the world. People are gaining a lot of benefits from remote patient monitoring apps and devices. One such device is introduced in the market. Blood Oxygen monitors are remote patient monitoring devices. It is easily available at a chemist shop and you do not need any prescription to buy this. Oxygen monitoring gained popularity in the second wave of the pandemic. Chemists have seen a lot of sales during the second time because people need to monitor their oxygen levels regularly.

Oxygen monitoring is one of the best and most used remote patient monitoring methods. They are in high demand these days. Their easy working process and accurate monitoring features have made gain so much demand. An Index finger is placed in the given space in oxygen monitors. It then records the oxygen saturation level in a patient’s blood. It takes a few seconds to show the outcome. This device is used several times. For instance, when the ambulance arrives, they measure the patient’s oxygen level. It is also measured when the patient is admitted to the hospital in an emergency. Also, when people become anxious and have panic attacks, the oxygen level is measured with the help of oxygen monitors.

When the finger is placed inside the oxygen monitor, the finger monitor passes light through the fingertip of the patient. This light has the potential to measure oxygen saturation levels in the patient’s blood. Oxygen monitor sends this recorded information to the databases of the physicians. This helps them keep an eye on the patients’ oxygen level and saturation. The oxygen monitor also sends alerts or warning messages or signals to the patient or physician, in case the oxygen level drops.

Every person has a different oxygen level, however, this is not true. The normal oxygen level of the people is considered to be 95-100%. Oxygen monitoring is done using an Oximeter that is compact and can be easily stored at homes. It is a portable device and people easily monitor their oxygen levels anytime and anywhere. It allows you to evaluate and measure oxygen levels in the blood with accurate results in real-time. It is used to measure patients with chronic illness, detect levels of hypoxia, and reduce the rate of blood gas analysis.

A finger oxygen monitor, also known as a pulse oximeter is a remote patient monitoring device. They are small in size and do not harm people or children. The objective of inventing blood oxygen monitors was to free people from the tedious laboratory work processes. And to provide them with an alternative that can tell them their oxygen levels in a few seconds. It has also reduced the staff work as now, doctors and nurses can save their time which they earlier invested on measuring patients’ oxygen levels. This gives them time to handle more patients, and provide better care to patients with emergencies.

The oxygen level below 95% is considered to be a low oxygen level. A person with a low oxygen level may suffer from shortness of breathing, fainting, and dizziness. Also, an oxygen level of more than 100% is considered to high oxygen level. This leads to the brain getting signals that breathing is not necessary.

People should always follow the directions given in the box or instructions given by the physician. Oxygen monitoring is a remote patient monitoring technique that can provide you with accurate reading only if the device is used properly. Remote patient monitoring providers like SISGAIN have introduced the feature of oxygen monitoring in their remote patient monitoring app, virtuMD. Also, it must be kept in mind that various parameters can interfere with the reading like cold or panic attacks. Always measure the oxygen level two-three times so that you can get more accurate results.

Oxygen monitors are not just comfortable to use by the patients at home, but pilots and mountain climbers also keep this in their kits. It helps them in regular checking of their oxygen levels. At high altitudes, the oxygen level changes rapidly, thus to avoid any emergency a regular checkup is essential. Athletes, also keep oxygen monitors with them as they have to regularly check their oxygen levels while doing strenuous activities and exercises.

Oxygen monitoring has proved to be one of the best remote patient monitoring techniques. The reasons are they are easy to use and operate. On the other hand, they are easy to carry and people don’t need any other tool other than this to measure their oxygen level.

Innovation has come a long way in the last two years. People had never thought that it will be that easy to measure their oxygen levels. SISGAIN helps the patients become more independent by monitoring their oxygen saturation levels. We at SISGAIN, ensure that the patients are not confused by complex and intimidating methods of measuring oxygen levels. The virtuMD app has not only changed the lives of the patient by providing remote patient monitoring systems but has also introduced remote patient monitoring devices such as oxygen monitors.


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