As the COVID-19 pandemic keeps on increasing, the curve of telemedicine is also reaching a great height. Over the last 2 years, the COVID-19 situation has changed many things in the world. Telemedicine's situation in the medical care industry is one of them. Telemedicine has moulded the medical care industry in a positive way. 

In layman's words, telemedicine is the strategy of enhancing the conveyance of medical care administrations. Also, these administrations incorporate general wellbeing, patient education on his health condition, patient medical data, and taking care of oneself through advanced media communications technologies.

Telemedicine is exceptionally helpful for patients who are situated in far off regions. Since medical services experts utilize the web to effectively access and offer clinical data. Indeed, even they can evaluate a patient’s health condition and know about the ailments of the patient’s health through conferencing gadgets, store-and-exchange imaging, and streaming media.

How is the Face of Healthcare Changing?

SISGAIN has helped in establishing the present environment through its virtuMD app that offers systematic clinical operations. Through this app, patients can request quality administrations, spend lower costs, and have easy admittance to medical administrations. Telemedicine is an essential part of the healthcare industry that offers patients easy and reliable admittance to quality healthcare at a cheaper cost. It enables patients in eliminating all the obstacles that come in the treatment of a person’s medical health. Patients are mainly worried about accommodation charges and travel costs. The virtuMD app makes sure to provide less manual work to the medical staff. Therefore, telemedicine applications are increasing as demand among patients and medical practitioners.  

Systematic Clinical Operations that virtuMD Offers

The telemedicine app at SISGAIN provides patients and doctors to follow a systematic order to provide and receive medical care. Here we’ve discussed how virtuMD helps patients and doctors systematically follow the steps in order to get better outcomes and reduce chaos.

  • User Dashboard: The patients and doctors are provided with a dashboard where they can check each other's profiles. Patients can choose among the doctors by checking their education, experience, reviews and ratings. The patients can also upload information about their medical conditions so that the doctors can check the patients’ conditions and approach them with better solutions.

  • Scheduling Online Appointments: Patients can schedule or book an online appointment through virtuMD app using the portal or dashboard. These days patients are busy in their day-to-day lives. Online Appointments help them in taking care of their health from anywhere at any time. Also, it gives the freedom to patients to book appointments according to their comfort. Medical staff get a sense of relief as the patient becomes self-independent. They can also work efficiently as this makes them free from the burden of taking calls for booking appointments. Also, pre-booking online appointments help reduce errors in the medical system.

  • Virtual Conferencing/ Audio consultation: Once the appointment is fixed, patients and doctors can communicate with each other through video/audio calls. Online consultations help patients and doctors to get an idea about their health. It also saves a lot of time and money for both patients and doctors.

  • Diagnosing the Medical Condition: Systematic Clinical Operations include diagnosing the patient’s conditions. This is done by storing and exchanging a patient’s medical-related data like reports, medications, lab tests and radiology etc. This helps the doctors in exchanging the data with other medical practitioners or pharmacists through electronic medical records (EHR) software. This software is integrated with HL7 standards software and HIPAA compliance. This ensures a safe exchange of data in the medical industry. The data is privatized and does not let any third-party to get access to it. So, can discuss a patient’s conditions and provide better treatment to him while sitting at their homes.

  • Providing e-prescriptions: Once the treatment is done. Medical practitioners provide prescriptions to the patients or directly send them to the pharmacies. In the conventional setting, patients had to visit clinics to collect handwritten prescriptions. For that, they had to wait in long queues. With the virtuMD app, SISGAIN offers patients the ease to request prescription refills. Systematic Clinical Operations enable the physicians to follow a systematic order without creating chaos or any loss of time for the patient. The physicians can either upload the prescription on the patient's dashboard or can directly send it to the pharmacies. The patients don’t have to worry about the loss of prescriptions as they are present on their phones. Also, as everything and medicine names are clearly mentioned on the e-prescriptions, there are no chances of errors.

  • Integrated Billing System: In the conventional setting, again the patients had to fill out forms to pay bills. Also, there were chances of errors because of manual errors. But with virtuMD’s Integrated Billing system, patients have a record of their bills. There is no chance of error and everything is mentioned clearly stating what amount of money is spent on which service.


SISGAIN has developed this virtuMD app to offer telemedicine benefits to the healthcare industry. Its administrations have the capacity of getting significant assets during the pandemic. Our telemedicine services can make a huge commitment to screening, testing, and treatment endeavours against COVID.  In any event, for patients that have ailments inconsequential to Covid-19, our telehealth administrations make it conceivable to convey care from a distance.

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