The Effectiveness of Yoga in the War against Covid-19

The Effectiveness of Yoga in the War against Covid-19

The origin of the word, ‘Yoga' is from the Sanskrit word, ‘Yuj’, meaning ‘to unite.’ It is around a five thousand year old body of knowledge, deriving its roots from India. Yoga is all about the unification of the body with the mind through different poses, exercises and concentrating meditation. Yoga poses are highly effective to strengthen and calm the body and the mind. 

The times of Covid-19 have been exceptionally hard. Our body and mind have been pushed to their edges. Our physical and mental health are at stake. Along with medical attention, we need to help ourselves. Yoga is one of the simplest and verified methods that we need to indulge in, so as to win the fight against the novel coronavirus.

Yoga has proved to be beneficial for centuries in dealing with illnesses of various kinds. However, the advantages of yoga are not just related to our mental well being but also, our physical enhancement. If the proper techniques of Yoga are practised on a daily basis, we can get rid of the harmful toxins and keep our precious organs healthy and well functioning.

Empirical evidence has always been in favour of Yoga which is an accompaniment to other medical strategies. It manages stress, anxiety and fewer vital signs of post-traumatic disorders. Moreover, it regulates our mental health, which in turn affects our interpersonal relationships.

During the pandemic, our body undergoes an increased amount of stress and vulnerabilities, which needs to be taken care of, for the healthy functioning of our system. Each individual is entitled to a healthy lifestyle and yoga ensures the same.

However, we must know that Yoga isn't a substitute for other safety measures. We shall not ignore the medical support and other prevention practices like wearing a mask and avoiding large scale gathering. Therefore, we need to practice yoga on a daily basis along with social distancing and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

The benefits of yoga during the hard times as this one are listed as follows.

Helps in dealing with the quarantine stress

A quarantine period is alien to most of us as we haven't been in a major pandemic. The isolation took a severe toll on our mental health. We humans are social beings, thus, we need to interact with the community on a regular basis. However the isolation period has caused a drastic change in our lifestyles.

Therefore, we need to find ways in order to release the stress. Yoga has been effective in relieving stress since time immemorial. Meditation improves our concentration and helps us focus on our work, since most of the people are working from home. Other benefits of meditation and asanas help us strengthen our willpower and get over anxiety, depression and other issues.

Strengthens the immune system

We are aware of the fact that the coronavirus is a contagious one, that is, it spreads through human contact. Keeping this in mind, we need to make sure that our immunity is strong enough and that we are less vulnerable to the pandemic. Hence, along with essential safety measures and social distancing we need to include yoga in our everyday practices.

Several yoga poses like Pranayama and other asanas, detoxifies and offers a boost to our system. Functions like regulating the blood flow, getting rid of lung congestion and vitalization of the body, strengthens our immune system and reduces our chances of being affected by the virus.

Tackles the issue of unnecessary calorie gain

During the lockdown, one is most likely to work from home. This ensures that one does not need to leave the safety of their homes in order to prevent community transmission. As a result, the physical activities get reduced and one is more likely to gain some extra pounds of weight. This problem of gaining extra weight can be tackled by simple yoga practices.

Extra pounds of fat is unhealthy and can prove to be fatal in the long run. Thereby, we need to get rid of it. The method of losing weight is simple and effective, if we endorse yoga. Several asanas help us in burning calories for a fit and healthy functioning of our bodies. Yoga is cent percent effective and comprehensive. One does not need to go to the crowded gym and can practice the postures in isolation and safety that the home offers.

Helps in overcoming the fear of being affected

The pandemic has set a fear in the minds of the people. The rise in the number of affection cases has added fuel to the fear. This has led to the rise of other mental evils like anxiety and depression, which are severe issues and need to be recognized. Thus, to eradicate the root of these evils, that is fear, one needs to resort to yogic methodology.

Yoga can be practised by following simple steps, from the comfort of the house. One need not take assistance from someone else, but needs to follow tutorials which are available to everyone via the internet. In today's day and age, accessing yoga tutorials is at the fingertips since almost everyone possesses a smartphone. Nonetheless, it could help us to overcome the fear that has been inculcated in our minds by the virus.

Reduces the chances of health hazards

One needs to be careful with their health since the medical professionals are mostly occupied. In case of an inconvenience, it is comparatively difficult to get access to a clinician. Thereby, our safety is our own responsibility. 

Yoga enhances the healthy functioning of the body and regulates our organs. In case of minor medical issues, practicing proper yoga on a daily basis, might improve our health. Cardiologists and cardiac surgeons have certified that yoga does affect the heart in a positive way. It helps to regulate the blood pressure and ensures a healthy functioning of the organs. Hence, it is clinically proven to include yoga in our daily schedule. It is simple, effective and beneficial.

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