The Significance of Blood Pressure Monitoring at Home with virtuMD App developed by SISGAIN

With the increasing demand for online services, people are looking forward to getting access to online medical care services as well. Today, everything is available online whether it be any product or any service. Various businesses and organizations boost their revenue by marketing their goods and services digitally. This has been a challenge for the healthcare systems to provide their patients with online healthcare facilities. In the beginning, it was quite arduous but SISGAIN, a healthcare provider decided to help the physicians by providing them with their remote patient monitoring app known as virtuMD.

This app has various features and enables people to get online healthcare facilities at home or anywhere at any time of the day. It also allows the patients to monitor their health through various remote patient monitoring devices. The patients can check their blood glucose level, blood pressure, oxygen level, and other vital signs. One of the chief features of this app is Blood Pressure Monitoring.

What is Blood Pressure Monitoring?

Examining and monitoring blood pressure on a regular basis is known as blood pressure monitoring. It helps the patients and physicians to remain updated with a person’s overall health condition when the person is sick or injured. Blood pressure monitoring can be continuously done on a regular basis at home or at a doctor’s clinic.

As the blood is pumped down to the other parts of the body through the heart, the blood exerts some pressure on the walls of the arteries. A healthy body has a blood pressure level less than 120/80 mmHg. We all must take certain steps like Blood patient monitoring regularly at home to keep a check on our health as a single blood pressure reading cannot tell much about our health.  

Knowing the Types of Blood Pressure Monitoring

There are two ways to monitor your blood pressure:

  •  Non-invasive blood pressure monitoring: This type of monitoring the blood pressure is done in certain time intervals like weekly, daily, or every 15 minutes depending on the person’s health. This way involves using the blood pressure cuff in the upper arm. The readings are taken from a finger, wrist, or thigh as well. The non-invasive blood pressure monitoring devices provide 24-hour monitoring and provide a broader picture of one’s health.
  • Invasive intra-arterial pressure (IAP) monitoring: This is a way of measuring blood pressure through a catheter in an artery that is placed in the wrist. This is one of the most used ways of monitoring blood pressure in certain major surgeries like open-heart surgery.

Why is it important to perform blood pressure monitoring? 

It is important to perform Blood Pressure Monitoring as it assists the patients in evaluating their general health and also when they have certain diseases or injuries. Regular monitoring of Blood pressure can help in evaluating the treatment for high blood pressure (hypertension). Physicians usually recommend their patients a blood patient monitoring device at home so that they can regularly check their blood pressure and can take precautions before any emergency. They may help in revealing when the blood pressure is rising or dropping due to certain strenuous activities.

How to prepare yourself for Blood Pressure Monitoring?

There are certain steps one must follow before monitoring your blood pressure. SISGAIN has come up with a guide to how to prepare yourself when monitoring blood pressure. Listed below are certain steps one must take before blood pressure monitoring.

  •  Consumption of caffeine, alcohol, or tobacco products for 30 minutes before measuring your blood pressure must be prohibited.

  • The blood pressure must be taken with an empty bladder for an accurate reading.

  •  The body and mind must be relaxed before taking the blood pressure.

How to perform Manual and Automatic Blood Pressure Monitoring?

The following steps are involved in the automatic or digital blood pressure monitoring:

  • Sit and Relax on a recline with back support and legs crossed. In case you are using an arm cuff be sure that the arm is supported at a position where it is at the level of your chest. The palm must be turned upward.
  • Now use or apply the blood pressure cuff to your upper arm, about once inch above the elbow. Be sure that the cuff must not be tight but snug. Proper instructions must be followed in case you are using a finger or a wrist device to measure blood pressure.
  • Push the button to start inflating the cuff.
  • The blood pressure once measured will appear on the digital screen.
  • Keep a journal or log of your blood pressure and Write the reading with the systolic pressure before the diastolic pressure. In case the blood pressure is very less or high consider your doctor immediately.
  • If you want to take the blood pressure again, wait for a few minutes like 15 to 20 and then repeat the process.

SISGAIN’s virtuMD app provides you with easy and reliable blood pressure monitoring services and techniques. We offer our clients the best possible ways to monitor their health. 

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