The virtuMD app provides Reliable Automatic Patient Follow up Reminders and Booking

Healthcare providers are very much reliant on technology to provide medical care to their patients. The integration of medical care and technology has given rise to telemedicine services. Telemedicine apps are developed by app developing companies like SISGAIN. The developers at SISGAIN have recently developed a virtuMD app. This app is known to provide various services to users. Patients can develop a healthy relationship with their health as well as doctors. It allows the patients to track their health conditions, to request for re-filling of the prescriptions and medications. It enables doctors to provide better diagnoses and treatment to the patient’s health condition.

VirtuMD and telemedicine apps provide various benefits with the help of features healthcare app developers have built-in them. One such feature is Patient Follow up Reminders and Booking. This feature is particularly beneficial in this field to remind patients about their appointments and bookings.

The appointment reminder system is a feature that ensures to remind the patients about their recent bookings and appointments. This is very an essential feature as people have got so busy in their life that things like appointments are easy for anyone to forget. Doctors also can keep a follow up of their patients. It also enables the doctors to know when their patients cancel any appointment or vice-versa.

Advantages of Appointment Reminder System

Every feature of virtuMD provides various benefits to the patients. The appointment reminder system also offers some advantages to both doctors and patients. Here are some of the benefits given below:

  • Providing Proper Healthcare: With patient follow up reminders and booking, doctors can provide better medical care to the patients. It helps the doctors to give enough time to each patient as the appointment is already booked.
  • Reduces No-show Problems: As the appointment is already booked and doctors and patients can tell each other in case they want to cancel an appointment. There is no such issue of patients not showing up. The doctors as soon as they see that a patient has cancelled the appointment can accept another appointment request. This will not waste that hour of their and productivity will not get affected.
  • Eliminate waits and delays: In the conventional setting, it is very usual to happen that patients may end up showing up in the hospital. They may even wait for long hours and buy the token number but the doctors don’t appear. With patient follow up reminders and booking, doctors just need to do the update their patients with a notification. The app will read this notification and alert the patient about the same.
  • Make Patient Independent: As the virtuMD app comes up with reminders and alert systems, it is easy for the patients to take better care of their health. It will remind the patients about their medication time. It will also remind them of their upcoming appointments with the doctors. As the whole process is easy and can be managed by the patients alone, it makes them more independent. Also, the patients can take better care of their health by taking precautions in case their health is getting worse.

Schedule Appointments with Telephone Reminder Software

VirtuMD provides the benefit to medical practitioners to offer their patients regular follow ups. Now, doctors have a busy schedule and it is very likely to forget to take the follow up. This sometimes can create chaos. But with telephone reminder software they can keep the process smooth. This process is paramount to their healthcare transactions while maintaining good patient follow up reminders and booking.

The appointments are scheduled in weeks or months and it is very hard to remember each follow ups. To ease this problem, the developers at SISGAIN came up with a solution. They have installed telephone reminder software in the telemedicine apps. This can be used by the doctors in case they want to remind themselves or the patients. All they need to do is set up a reminder call for the day they have a follow up meeting with the patient. Once the reminder is set, it will make an online call to the doctor and the patient one day before the meeting.

The telephone reminder software sends telephones messages or reminder calls to the patients and the doctors. It also aware the doctors about their upcoming meetings. This automated reminder can be updated with new features and technologies. They can also be built with certain specifications to suit the requirements of the medical facility. Clients can ask for apps that can be customized and carry simple but attractive interfaces.  

Appointment Reminder System offer After-Hour Medical Answering service

Health issues can come up at any time of the day. That’s why patients need medical practitioners and staff who could attend their calls 24 hours a day. Now with such a busy schedule, it is very hard for the doctors to attend to their customers as they get tired with the whole day of work. For this, the software developers at SISGAIN, come up with an automated after-hour answering service. This system acts as medical staff and handles patients’ queries and requests. It helps the doctors to reply to their patients on time by automatically directing the urgent notifications on doctors’ phones.

Like any other feature, patient follow up reminders and booking proved to be helpful to healthcare systems and patients. This has increased patients’ satisfaction and their trust in the system.

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