virtuMD App assists the People with Virtual Consultations

Since the pandemic, SISGAIN is doing its best to provide its clients by offering telemedicine apps like virtuMD and its remote patient monitoring features.  The telemedicine apps have this feature of virtual consultations that offers an alternative solution to the clients to have in-person counseling with the physicians without the requirement of visiting a hospital.

The world has gone online, this means that everything is now managed through smartphones and laptops. Then, why the healthcare sectors must lag. Also, with the assistance of virtual consultations, we can see more people putting their trust in the healthcare sector. SISGAIN is one of the healthcare sectors that are putting their efforts into enhancing the benefits and features of the healthcare sector.  There are several reasons behind people turning their eyes on healthcare providers. This article will disclose the benefits of taking virtual consultations.

Virtual Consultation: Understanding the Meaning

With the advancement in technology, developers are creating apps through which people can afford consultation services. The procedure may look complex but engineers have built certain apps which provide easy and convenient. The telemedicine app is viewed as a partial solution in providing healthcare facilities as it is the first step in the whole procedure. People, especially with chronic diseases or who are in the aged population, can be helped with this feature.

Virtual consultation can be defined as the process of communication between the doctor and the patient. Virtual consultations enable the patients to connect with the doctor through remote patient monitoring apps. People can now be diagnosed over video calls without the need of physically being present at the clinic or hospital.

In other words, virtual consultations offer the patients to get consultations and counseling by the physicians over video conferencing. The patients can use the virtuMD app by installing it on a smartphone, tablet, or PC and can consult the doctor about their health condition. This means that video calling is now not only limited to talking with friends and family but has found its way in the existing healthcare sector to offer medical facilities to patients.

We all are very well aware that one of the reasons for introducing virtual consultations into the healthcare sector was the pandemic reaching to an extreme level that it became difficult for people to get medical facilities in hospitals as social distancing became important.

Why does Virtual Consultations have seen a tremendous outburst in a few years?

There are various reasons that in recent years we have seen a lot of physicians and healthcare systems turning their hopes on virtual consultations. For your knowledge, we have provided the advantages of having virtual consultations over video calls.

1.  Quick Access to Communication

virtuMD app enables the patients to easily connect with the physician for a counselling session. All the person needs to do is register themselves and select a physician according to their convenience. Virtual consultations are easily available on Android phones, iPad, iPhone, Windows PC, and Mac

2.  High Audio and Video Quality

virtuMD provides the advantage of both high-quality video and good audio quality so that the physicians and the patients can have a good real-time virtual counselling session. There are various options available on both doctors’ and patients’ screens where they can share the previous medical condition report and other important reports related to X-rays etc.

3.  Record Virtual Consultation 

virtuMD provides the advantage of recording the virtual session so that the doctors can record their meetings and in case, they need to show the recording to other doctors for better treatment of the patient’s health condition.

4.  Schedule Virtual Consultation 

Patients can schedule a virtual consultation in advance and the notification will be received by the physician. It is important to pre-book your sessions to avoid last moment bookings. It will also remind the patients and the doctors one day or a few hours before the scheduled meeting.

5.  Text Live Chat 

The virtual consultations allow the patients and doctors with live chats that can be used by the doctors to provide some URL link of the health condition or disease the patient is suffering to increase the patient’s knowledge or to provide some other information.

6.      Patient flexibility

Patients have the convenience of attending a doctor and getting his advice just by staying at home. They no more have to travel to hospitals or clinics with saves both time and money. People can now attend the session from the office, school, or anywhere in the world at any time. Also, the virtual consultation can be seen as an instant solution as one can schedule and attend a booking in just a few minutes, unlike traditional settings where people had to stand in a long queue to see a doctor.

7.  Clinician flexibility

With virtual consultations, doctors have the flexibility to move out of the traditional setting and provide counselling from anywhere. They don’t have to worry about the time.

SISGAIN’s objective is to provide its clients with all the valuable resources to provide them with a comfortable living. Medical care facilities are one of the most prominent services available to patients due to health care providers. The introduction of virtual consultations in medical care facilities has resulted in fewer dependency of patients on hospital staff as they can now have direct contact with the medical practitioners.


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