Why Include Telemedicine in our List of essentials: Top 8 Reasons

No matter how many apples we eat a day, we could not keep the doctor at bay! A clinical professional is a must in our everyday life, especially during a time like this one when the pandemic has the world in its clutches. The novel Covid-19 has been spreading like wildfire over the last few months. Medical professionals have been working comparatively more to come up with a new solution everyday.


Similarly, one way to reduce the impact of the virus and to provide accessibility to the patients is the emergence of Telehealth facilities. The driving force behind telemedicine is the digital media. Presence of tools like video conferencing, tele wearables, sites related to health, etc. has led to a significant rise in the field of medicine.


The concept of virtual visit has fueled up patients to get access to a clinical expert in a variety of fields from general care to cardiology. Patients as well as doctors have responded in a positive way when asked about the efficiency of Telemedicine.


We have listed below the top eight benefits of telemedicine which also serves as reasons behind its inclusion in our practice.


1) Spreads awareness amidst the patients regarding their health


The medical experts have come up with innovative ways to engage the patients in terms of their health. Telemedicine, being an innovative technique, often provokes a patient’s interest to visit the doctors. Due to the easy accessibility, patients become more health conscious and one does not procrastinate when it comes to health.


Doctors in the procedure could take some time to explain the health hazards and safety measures to the patients who, being at home, are more patient to listen to. This leads to a rise of awareness among the masses.


2) Reaches Out to a Massive number of Patients


During the pandemic, there might be a shortage of physicians and one must attend to every patient. With the use of telemedicine, one can easily be present, if not physically, virtually in every session. One clinical professional can reach out and address many people at a time. This saves both time and energy.


At a time, one physician could respond to the grievances of many. In the process, no patient is neglected and everyone gets proper attention to their problems.


3) Increment in the revenue of medical experts


Telemedicine allows more people to access medical help. Although the pay per visit via Telehealth is lower than the visiting fee per physical visit, more people tend to use the facilities provided by telemedicine for various reasons. As a result, the overall revenue of the physician rises dramatically.


Flexible hours, easy access and uninterrupted appointments enable patients to reach out to the doctors. Otherwise, they would have been reluctant to visit a professional.


4) Rise in the standard of medical proficiency


Telemedicine has increased the medical proficiency, according to recent reports. Telemedicine enables one to exchange, store and access data in a flick of a second. This increases efficiency and benefits both the physician as well as the patient. One does not need to wait in long queues in a clinic but simply log in to the smartphones or laptops.


Suppose a critical patient’s information needs to be accessed, the physician just needs to search for it on his electrical device. This prevents data redundancy as well and chances of making errors is minimal. This enhances the process of workflow.


5) It helps in the conservation of medical supplies


Telemedicine is an important part of healthcare technology. During the times of the pandemic, it is important to conserve medical supplies, which otherwise might get depleted. In such a situation, virtual media plays an important role. As the fear of the virus is instilled in the minds of people, one might be tricked to mistake a common flu for something severe.


Thus, the supplies need to be conserved for the ones who actually need them. During an online session, the doctor studies the symptoms of a patient and derives conclusions.


6) Takes care of the safety of healthcare experts and patients


Keeping in mind the practice of social distancing, it is safer to fix a clinical visit virtually rather than physically. Patients and clinical experts have said to prefer video conferencing instead of visits. Telemedicine thus permits the patients as well as the doctors to stay in quarantine and conduct a session from the comfort of their homes.


The people don't need to travel or encounter a congested clinic.The experts could study the symptoms of the patients and prescribe them with necessary procedure and medicine.


7) Reduces the gap between the people and the physicians


Telemedicine is working effectively to bridge the gap between the physicians and the patients, especially the marginalized ones and the ones living in the outskirts. People often tend to avoid the medical inconveniences and procrastinate when it comes to visiting a doctor.


With the introduction of telemedicine, the former problem has been eradicated or reduced to minimal. People are looking out for taking medical health since it is made simpler and one does not need to undergo complicated procedures at the clinic.


8) Wearable devices is the other name of medical progress


Wearable devices play an important role in Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) which works towards gathering health related information from patients in remote areas. Sensors, monitor all kinds of vital signs, from heart rate to the regulation of body temperature. They detect issues and track down the procedure of recovery, almost immediately.


Wearable devices are nonetheless not a substitute for medical apparatus, but to make the work for medical staff easier. Thereby, telemedicine reduces time consumption and manual labour.

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