Why is there a Requirement of Mobile Applications in the Healthcare Sector

There is no doubt that humans cannot live without technology anymore. It is even hard to think how our ancestors or early men used to live without any gadgets. During the ages, humans have created a lot of small as well as big devices that can help them in their day-to-day lives. Earlier, developers were building apps and tools that can work on devices like desktops, but as time passed, humans got more advanced. This gave them the idea to develop gadgets that are easy to carry and light-weighted. The reason is as technology advanced, people were looking for ways to grow their business and needed something that can keep them connected. Now a desktop cannot be taken everywhere so mobile app companies thought of developing mobile phones.

Earlier, mobile phones were only used to make calls and send inbox messages. With the growing businesses and technology, people demanded a better device. Mobile app development companies then began to work on the old mobile phones and developed smartphones that have other features than normal phones. They help people make themselves smart and comfortable.

No smartphones can work if they don’t have apps that can help people perform different functions. Mobile app development companies developed apps that possess unique features. They not only help people to connect to each other via calls but through video conferencing also. Apps help people keep themselves updated with the world’s news, they can do a lot of stuff on social media, can keep themselves entertained etc.   

Smartphones are now a part of every business. They are used for banking, education, entertainment, news, and even the healthcare sector. The healthcare sector was very much into chaos. There was a high demand for doctors. In some countries, there were not enough doctors while some areas were not able to manage the patients’ health.

Healthcare mobile apps have skyrocketed in the past 5 years. With a recent study conducted by SISGAIN, it has been found that over 318,000 mobile apps are available for patients that run on different platforms. Around 200 new apps are built each day with new features and updated versions. Around 79% of the healthcare providers are ready to invest in remote patient monitoring apps or wearables with sensors. The need of the hour is a high-quality solution that can only be provided by mobile app development companies like SISGAIN.

Why does the Healthcare Industry need Mobile Apps?

  1. Booking of Online Appointments without any hassle: In the conventional setting, patients either need to visit the hospitals or clinics to book their appointments or they have to call the receptionist to do the same. They also have to wait for their turns. This method of making appointments can result in a lot of errors. With healthcare mobile applications, patients can easily book their appointment on their own. There is no need to make calls. All they need to do is to log in to the apps, look out for doctors and book an appointment with the one that best suits their timings. Appointments can be booked from anywhere and anytime.
  2. Easy Access to Medical Records: Earlier, patients had to rush to the hospitals for collecting their lab reports or other medical reports. Also, there was a chance of missing or losing the medical files at home or at the hospital by the medical staff. But with healthcare mobile apps, patients and doctors can now exchange healthcare data electronically. There is no such issue of losing the data or falling off it into the wrong hands. The HL7 standards and HIPAA compliance make sure that any unauthorized person doesn’t get access to the data. This also minimizes the documentation of patients’ medical records and errors are reduced as everything is done electronically.
  3. Enhanced productivity: No doubt, with the introduction of healthcare apps in the medical sector, the productivity of the staff and the doctors have increased. This is because most of the work is now done by patients themselves. This gives more time to the medical staff to keep a check upon other patients who need emergent care.
  4. Payments are made easier and faster: It takes a lot of time to manage the hospital bills. A lot of documentation is need to be done in the traditional way of treating the patients. With healthcare apps, the bills and payments of the patients will be automatically updated and there are no chances of error taking place. This laborious work is made easier and more convenient for both patients and medical staff. The payments can be made electronically through different portals.
  5. Accurate Diagnosis of the Patients: As of now, most of the work is done by the patient, doctors can now focus on giving effective treatment to the patient. They can accurately track the patient’s health through remote patient monitoring devices. They can now give enough time to each patient and can deeply look into the health condition. 
  6. Increased Reputation of the Hospital or Physician: If patients will get better and improved medical care then, they obviously will spread these words to other patients. This will help in improving the reputation of the doctors and the clinics. The healthcare sector is now more patient-focused which helps in improving their brand image.
  7. Improved Patient satisfaction: With the increased productivity of the medical staff, the doctors and other staff members provide good treatment and health care to the patients. This somewhere puts back the trust of the doctors in the patients. They develop a sense of loyalty and satisfaction. Patients’ satisfaction matters the most as every sector works for their audience and if the customer is satisfied that means the business will flourish itself. Therefore the healthcare apps help in enhancing patients’ satisfaction

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